Characteristics of Management

Characteristics of Management:

The basic characteristics of management are

1-Management is a goal orientated process: Every organization has a set of goals which should be clearly stated. Different organizations have different set of goals. In order to achieve these goals, Management plays an important role to unite the efforts of different individuals.

2-Management is multidimensional: Management is involved in mainly three activities.

2.1-Management of work: Management sets some goals. These goals are translated to work. Management ensures that the work is completed effectively.  

2.2-Management of people: Human resource is a major strength of any organization. Management gets the task completed through people only. 

2.3-Management of operations: Every organization has some product to produce or service to provide. There is a process or set of operations for transforming the input to the desired output.       

3-Management is pervasive: Management has universal application. It is not only applicable for business firms only. It is applicable everywhere to handle the things properly whether it is hospital, educational institutes, petrol pump or NGO. Concept of management is used all over the world.

4-Management is a continuous process: The functions of management (planning, organizing, directing, staffing and controlling) are to be performed continuously by all the managers at all the time.

5-Management is a group activity: Every person in an organization plays different role to achieve the common desired goals. Management refers to the group effort and requires combination of individual’s effort to accomplish the task.

6-Management is a dynamic function: It is essential for a management to adapt the changing environment. An organization must change itself and its goal according to the social, economic and political environment.   

7-Management is an intangible force: The management functions cannot be seen but it can be only felt. The orderliness in management can be seen if targets are met according to plan. This also makes employees happy. If there is some mismanagement it leads to chaos.