Computer Science EngineeringMCQ on General awareness

Computer Awareness Multiple Choice Questions

Computer Awareness Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Objective type questions with answers on Computer awareness. MCQ on basic computer knowledge.

1- Which kind of virus-detection uses algorithm?

(A) Object

(B) Optimal

(C) Standard

(D) Heuristic


2- What kind of anti-virus detection cannot detect new viruses?

(A) Object-based detection

(B) Signature-based detection

(C) Behavior-based detection

(D) Heuristic-based detection


3- For complete threat protection, which kind of access should be given to an anti-virus?

(A) Privileged access to entire system

(B) Access to internet security

(C) Access to files and directories

(D) Limited access


4- What do you understand by the term ‘Phishing’?

(A) Computer booting delay

(B) Stealing of personal data by a third person

(C) Freezing of the computer

(D) Infection of files


5- What does ‘E’ stand for in E-commerce?

(A) Electrical

(B) Easy

(C) Electric

(D) Electronic


6- What do you understand by B2C approach?

(A) Businesses being customer centric

(B) Businesses working with other businesses for customers

(C) Businesses working for the customers

(D) Businesses working directly with the customer


7- What do you understand by a Managed Services approach?

(A) Outsourcing all the B2B Integration tasks.

(B) Outsourcing all the B2C integration tasks.

(C) Outsourcing only calculative data

(D) Outsourcing all the data


8- What do you understand by EDI?

(A) Electronic Data Interlace

(B) Electronic Digital Interlace

(C) Electronic Data Interchange (D) Electronic Digital Interchange


9- Which of the given options does not replicate it in your system in order to infect it?

(A) Trojan Horse

(B) Sparse Infector

(C) Resident Virus

(D) Macro Virus


10- What do you understand by Slack Space?

(A) Space covered by free RAM memory

(B) Space covered by deleted malware

(C) Space covered by leftovers of an uninstalled application

(D) Difference between a file’s logical and physical size



1-(D), 2-(B), 3-(A), 4-(B), 5-(D), 6-(C), 7-(A), 8-(C), 9-(A), 10-(D)