Computer Knowledge MCQ Questions

Computer Knowledge MCQ Questions

1-Modulation and demodulation is performed by

(A) Coaxial cable

(B) Fiber optic

(C) Modem

(D) Satellite


2-A protocol that allows non-ASCII messages to be sent through E-mails in the internet is






3-Which of the classes of addresses does the IP address belongs to

(A) Class A

(B) Class B

(C) Class C

(D) Class D


4-Memory bus is mainly used for communication between

(A) Processor and Memory

(B) Processor and Input devices

(C) Input devices and Memory

(D) Input devices and Output devices


5-The indicator on the screen that shows where things will happen next is called

(A) Arrow key

(B) Cursor

(C) Control key

(D) None of the above


6-A software program stored in a ROM that cannot be changed easily is known as

(A) Hardware

(B) Linker

(C) Editor

(D) Firmware


7-Following is the brain of any computer system


(B) Memory


(D) Hard Disk


8-Which of the following languages is more suited to a structured program?

(A) PL/1





9-Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera come under the group

(A) Client

(B) Operating System

(C) Server

(D) Web browser


10-___ is the set of programs necessary to carry out operations for a specified application

(A) Application software

(B) System software

(C) Hardware

(D) Firmware



1-(C), 2-(D), 3-(A), 4-(A), 5-(B), 6-(D), 7-(A), 8-(D), 9-(D), 10-(B)