Cutting parameters

Cutting parameters:

There are three cutting parameters on which the machining of job depends. These parameters are to be set in a machine for proper machining of a job. These parameters are.

Cutting speed: Let us assume that we are machining a round job on a lathe machine. The cutting speed may be defined as number of meters along the parameter of job that passes the cutting edge of the cutting tool in one minute. It is expressed in meter/minute.

Cutting speed = ПDN/60 meters/minute

Where D = Diameter of job

and N = speed of job in RPM.

Feed: It is the distance by which a tool advances in one revolution of job, parallel to the surface being machined. It is measured in mm per revolution of the job. Higher feed will produce rough surface and lower feed will produce smooth surface.

Depth of cut: It is the depth to which tool advances in the job in a direction perpendicular to the surface being machined. Higher the depth of cut, rougher will be the surface being machined. Lesser is the depth of cut, smoother will be the machined surface. It is measured in mm.