Engineering Mechanics MCQ Questions

Engineering Mechanics MCQ Questions

1-S.I. unit of force is

(A) calorie

(B) joule

(C) kilowatt

(D) newton


2-S.I. unit of power is

(A) joule

(B) watt

(C) dyne

(D) pascal


3-Forces are said to be concurrent when they are acting

(A) in different planes

(B) in same planes

(C) at a point

(D) none of the above


4-If a number of forces are acting simultaneously at a point, it

(A) can be replaced by a single force

(B) can be replaced by a couple

(C) can be replaced by a couple and force

(D) all of the above


5-Two forces, meeting at a point, but their line of action are not in one plane, are known as

(A) concurrent and coplanar forces

(B) non-concurrent and coplanar forces

(C) concurrent and non-coplanar forces

(D) non-concurrent and non-coplanar forces


6-___ is applied while trying to turn a key into a lock.

(A) momentum

(B) impulse

(C) couple

(D) moment


7-Following is a scalar quantity.

(A) velocity

(B) acceleration

(C) momentum

(D) speed


8-Two parallel coplanar and equal forces, acting in an opposite direction, constitute a

(A) momentum

(B) impulse

(C) couple

(D) moment


9-Following is the unit of moment of inertia.

(A) kg-m

(B) kg/m

(C) kg-m2

(D) kg/m2


10-The coefficient of friction depends upon

(A) surface area in contact

(B) material of surfaces in contact

(C) nature of surface

(D) all of the above



1-(D), 2-(B), 3-(C), 4-(A), 5-(C), 6-(C), 7-(D), 8-(C), 9-(C), 10-(C)