Forensic Science MCQ with Answers

Forensic Science MCQ with Answers

1- It is the application of Science and technology which plays a critical role in investigation and adjudication of crimes in our criminal justice system.

(A) Computer Science

(B) Forensic Science

(C) Behavioral Science

(D) Molecular Science


2- Which one of the following statement is incorrect to prove the chain of custody?

(A) Evidence which was kept in an unsecured area may be inadmissible in court

(B) Storage of physical evidence has not any legal implications

(C) Typically, evidence is placed in a container with a label or is tagged

(D) Evidence must be held in a secured area


3- The documents which carry writings whose authorship is accepted are known as

(A) Admitted documents

(B) Accepted documents

(C) Spurious documents

(D) Disputed documents


4- Equally important role of the Forensic Scientist are

(A) punishing

(B) counseling

(C) interrogation

(D) to investigate, collect evidences, testing, reporting and depose evidence before the court of law.


5- ‘Photographic Metrique’ was the standardized technique adopted by

(A) Alphonse Bertillon

(B) Jesse Brown Cook

(C) Paul L. Kirk

(D) Hans Gross


6- The microscope which provides instant comparison of links is

(A) IR image conversion microscope

(B) Stereo microscope

(C) Polarized microscope

(D) Comparison microscope


7- Automobile paint of a specific color is an example for the evidence possessing.

(A) Specific characteristics

(B) Individual characteristics

(C) Pattern characteristics

(D) Class characteristics


8- The best method to pack the objects on which finger prints are found, by

(A) Wedging in a thermocol box

(B) Wedging in a strong box

(C) Wrapping in cloth covers

(D) Wrapping in polythene covers


9- The marks which can be used to determine from which direction the force came that caused the glass to break are

(A) Crater

(B) Splinters

(C) Ribs

(D) Hackles


10- Which one of the following is the best example of individualization?

(A) Fabric form of mass


(C) Fired bullets

(D) Blood group



1-(B), 2-(B), 3-(A), 4-(D), 5-(A), 6-(A), 7-(D), 8-(B), 9-(C), 10-(C)