Functions of Industrial Engineering Department

Functions of Industrial Engineering Department:

The primary and distinguishing functions which are to be concerned with the Industrial Engineering Department are as follows

  1. To develop simplest work methods and establishing  one best way for doing the assigned work.
  2. To select suitable process and assembling method so as to optimize the process.
  3. To aid in the development and design of a sound inventory control.
  4. To design and select suitable tool and equipment. This will help in decreasing the production cost and time.
  5. To determine the work-in process for each stage of production.
  6. To develop a sound wage and incentive scheme so as to increase effective motivation to work effectively and efficiently.
  7. To assist and aid in preparing a detailed job profile and thereafter a suitable job evaluation system by setting targets, scheduling and sequencing.
  8. To establish standard costing system by developing cost control programmes like budgetary control, cost analysis by replacement of depreciation leading to cost reduction.
  9. To establish the layout of production facilities for having uniform flow of material, raw materials and finished goods and their storage facilities.
  10. To develop proper criteria of measuring output and to analyse performance of organization and individuals so as to achieve standardization of work.
  11. To study the project feasibility. This will also lead to revision of production system with respect to the changing environment.
  12. To adopt techniques for optimal solutions to problems designed by taking into consideration various constraints imposed.
  13. To establish a standard time for a job or operation. This technique is referred to as Time study or work measurement.
  14. To design and adapt to  value engineering which describes a value study on a product or project  .
  15. To apply Operation research techniques like mathematical analysis and statistical methods of forecast as nothing is static in business.