General Awareness MCQ Questions

General Awareness MCQ Questions

1. The brain of Computer is 

(a) Control Unit

(b) ALU

(c) CPU

(d) All of these

2. In which of the following, light travels at the fastest speed

(a) Vacuum

(b) Glass

(c) Water 

(d) Hydrogen 

3. The following non-metal is liquid at room temperature ? 

(a) Nitrogen

(b) Chlorine

(c) Bromine 

(d) Iodine

4. Chemical used to produce artificial rain is 

(a) Silver Chloride 

(b) Silver Iodide 

(c) Silver Bromide  

(d) Silver Nitrate

5. The major component of honey is 

(a) Glucose

(b) Sucrose

(c) Maltose 

(d) Fructose

6. Who among the following is regarded as the father of Zero in Mathematics? 

(a) Ramanuja

(b) Brahmagupta

(c) Galileo 

(d) Aryabhata

7. Which one of the following region is not a major population agglomeration of the world?  

(a) Western Europe 

(b) Eastern Asia 

(c) Southern Europe  

(d) South-Eastern Australia

8. Which one of the following is not an agriculture based industry? 

(a) Iron industry  

(b) Paper industry 

(c) Sugar industry   

(d) Cotton Textile industry

9. Which one among the following elements is present in the haemoglobin? 

(a) Silver

(b) Copper

(c) Iron 

(d) None of these

10. The sea with highest salinity in the world is 

(a) Mediterranean Sea 

(b) Red Sea 

(c) Black Sea   

(d) Dead Sea 

11. Who was the founder of ‘Scouting’ ? 

(a) J.H. Dunant  

(b) Michel Jarraud 

(c) Sir Robert S.S. Baden Powell 

(d) Edward Jenner

12. International Ozone Day is celebrated on 

(a) 14th September 

(b) 15th September 

(c) 16th September  

(d) 17th September

13. Which element is found abundantly in the crust of earth? 

(a) Nitrogen

(b) Carbon

(c) Oxygen

(d) None of these

14. The thickness of the smoke is measured by 

(a) Deposit gauge  

(b) Sonkin impactor 

(c) Bubbler method  

(d) Liegean sphere

15. The LPG in our domestic gas cylinders gives a foul smell due to 

(a) Ethane  

(b) Methane 

(c) Ethyl Mercaptan  

(d) Methyl Mercaptan

16. Which one of the following is the best indicator of measuring Economic Development ? 

(a) Employment

(b) Trade

(c) Consumption 

(d) National Income

17. Which unit of valuation is known as ‘Paper Gold’ ? 

(a) G.D.R.

(b) Petro dollar

(c) Euro 

(d) S.D.R.

18. Who invented the world wide web (www)? 

(a) Albert Einstein 

(b) Stephen Hawking 

(c) Bill Gates   

(d) Tim Berners-Lee

19. The technique to study to check the Breast Cancer by X-Ray is called 

(a) Mammography 

(b) Venography 

(c) Laparoscopy   

(d) Endoscopy

20. A person is driving towards west. What sequence of direction should he follow so that he is driving towards South ? 

(a) Left, Right, Right 

(b) Right, Right, Left 

(c) Left, Left, Left  

(d) Right, Right, Right


1-(c), 2-(a), 3-(c), 4-(b), 5-(d), 6-(b), 7-(d), 8-(a), 9-(c), 10-(d), 11-(c), 12-(c), 13-(c), 14-(d), 15-(c), 16-(d), 17-(d), 18-(d), 19-(a), 20-(d)