General Awareness Objective Type Questions

General Awareness Objective Type Questions

1-Tool to measure height (ASML) is

(A) Barometer

(B) Hygrometer

(C) Clinometer

(D) Altimeter


2-Tool to measure angle of slope is

(A) Anemometer

(B) Hygrometer

(C) Inclinometer

(D) Altimeter


3-Normal pulse rate of healthy person is

(A) 30-40 beats/min

(B) 40-50 beats/min

(C) 60-100 beats/min

(D) 100-130 beats/min


4-Normal breathing rate of healthy person is

(A) 30-35/min

(B) 08-10/min

(C) 25-30/min

(D) 12-20/min


5-Science dealing with the maintenance of health

(A) Medicine

(B) Sanitation

(C) Hygiene

(D) All of the above


6-The temperature at which air becomes saturated by cooling is

(A) Convection

(B) Dew point

(C) Sublimation

(D) Condensation


7-The highest peak in South Pole is

(A) Mount Matterhorn

(B) Mount Vinson

(C) Mount McKinley

(D) Mount Blanc


8-Instrument used to measure humidity is

(A) Hygrometer

(B) Anemometer

(C) Barometer

(D) All of the above


9-Coldest layer of atmosphere is

(A) Troposphere

(B) Stratosphere

(C) Mesosphere

(D) Ionosphere


10-Itai-itai disease is caused by the poisoning of which one of the following?

(A) Arsenic

(B) Cadmium

(C) Nitrate

(D) Mercury


11-Choose the appropriate word at (?) which bears the same relationship with the given forth word as the first two bears. Scale : Length :: ?: Pressure

(A) Water

(B) Barometer

(C) Atmosphere

(D) Pascal


12-Elements most commonly found in the Upper crust are

(A) Si and Al

(B) Si and Mg

(C) Ca and Na

(D) Ca and Mg


13-Which is the most common ore of lead?

(A) Bauxite

(B) Chromite

(C) Galena

(D) Sphalerite


14-Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that originates from:

(A) Granite

(B) Sandstone

(C) Limestone

(D) Shale


15-The chemical union of water with a Mineral is called:

(A) Carbonation

(B) Hydrolysis

(C) Hydration

(D) Oxidation


16-Hydrogen is converted to helium in the Sun, this nuclear reaction produces:

(A) Radiation energy

(B) Kinetic energy

(C) Potential energy

(D) Solar radiation


17-The measuring of elevation with reference to sea level is termed as:

(A) Tachometry

(B) Hypsometry

(C) Morphometry

(D) Altimetry


18-Braunite is an ore of:

(A) Tungsten

(B) Iron

(C) Manganese

(D) Copper


19-Which of the following oceans is contracting?

(A) Pacific Ocean

(B) Indian Ocean

(C) Atlantic Ocean

(D) None of the above


20-Bornite is an ore of

(A) Copper

(B) Nickel

(C) Lead

(D) Iron


21-‘Smarskite’ is an ore mineral of

(A) Copper

(B) Cobalt

(C) Nickel

(D) Thorium


22-Which one of the following will have the lowest value at the centre of Earth?

(A) Gravity

(B) Pressure

(C) Density

(D) Temperature


23-The most turbulent zone of the Earth’s atmosphere is

(A) Mesosphere

(B) Stratosphere

(C) Troposphere

(D) Thermosphere


24-Diamonds occur in __________ rocks

(A) Basalt and limestone

(B) Kimberlite

(C) Granite gneiss

(D) Sandstone


25-The phenomenon of polar lights (aurora) commonly occurs in the

(A) Mesosphere

(B) Troposphere

(C) Ionosphere

(D) Stratosphere



1-(D), 2-(C), 3-(C), 4-(D), 5-(C), 6-(B), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(C), 10-(B), 11-(B), 12-(A), 13-(C), 14-(C), 15-(C), 16-(D), 17-(B), 18-(C), 19-(A), 20-(A), 21-(D), 22-(A), 23-(C), 24-(B), 25-(B)