General Awareness Questions

General Awareness Questions and Answers for Competitive Examinations

1- The inventor of printing press was

(A) Frederic Barbier

(B) Johann Guttenberg

(C) Tsai Lun

(D) Marshall McLuhan


2- Freshwater lake Titicaca is situated in which of the following continent?

(A) North America

(B) Australia

(C) South America

(D) Europe


3- Greenland and Baffin Island is divided by-

(A) Torres Strait

(B) Yucatan Strait

(C) Davis Strait

(D) Hudson Strait


4- Which vitamin helps in healing of wounds?

(A) Vitamin D

(B) Vitamin C

(C) Vitamin B

(D) Vitamin A


5- Pencillin is invented by

(A) Alexander Fleming

(B) Kove

(C) Dunlop

(D) Stephenson


6- Mirage is an example of

(A) Diffraction

(B) Deflection

(C) Total internal reflection

(D) Refraction


7- Two components of the ecosystem are

(A) Land and Water

(B) Biotic and Abiotic

(C) Trees and Weeds

(D) Plants and Animals


8- The connecting strait of Asia and North America continent is

(A) Gibraltar Strait

(B) Bering Strait

(C) Malacca Strait

(D) Davis Strait


9- Which of the following are used for vermicomposting?

(A) Tape worm

(B) Round worm

(C) Flat worm

(D) Red worm


10- Bone is rich source of

(A) Phosphorous

(B) Phosphorous and Magnesium

(C) Potassium and Nitrogen

(D) Phosphorous and Calcium


11- Limestone and Sandstone are

(A) Igneous rocks

(B) Primary rocks

(C) Metamorphic rocks

(D) Sedimentary rocks


12- Carrot is rich in which element?

(A) Sulphur

(B) Potassium

(C) Iron

(D) Calcium


13- Foot and mouth disease in cattle and pigs is caused by

(A) Fungi

(B) Flies

(C) Bacteria

(D) Virus


14- Maximum limit of an ear, listening loud noise without pain is

(A) 125 decibel

(B) 85 decibel

(C) 38 decibel

(D) 15 decibel


15- Total Number of muscles found in human body is

(A) 697

(B) 679

(C) 639

(D) 529


16- Lactose consists of

(A) Glucose + Ribose

(B) Glucose + Galactose

(C) Glucose + Sucrose

(D) Glucose + Fructose


17- Which of the following disease cannot be prevented by vaccination?

(A) Amoebiasis

(B) Pneumonia

(C) Diphtheria

(D) Polio


18- Oncogenic virus causes which of the following diseases?

(A) Hypertension

(B) Diabetes

(C) Tuberculosis

(D) Cancer


19- The pyramid of biomass of ocean ecosystem is generally

(A) inverted

(B) upright

(C) uncertain

(D) none of the above


20- The products of ecosystem processes are called

(A) Productivity

(B) Ecosystem services

(C) Gross National Product

(D) None of the above



1-(B), 2-(C), 3-(C), 4-(B), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(B), 8-(B), 9-(D), 10-(D), 11-(D), 12-(B), 13-(D), 14-(A), 15-(C), 16-(B), 17-(A), 18-(D), 19-(A), 20-(B)