General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

1-The following is convective layer of the atmosphere.

(A) Troposphere

(B) Ionosphere

(C) Stratosphere

(D) Ozonosphere


2-Which one of the following is known as ‘’Dry ice’’?

(A) Solid oxygen

(B) Carbon monoxide

(C) Carbon dioxide

(D) Hydrogen peroxide


3-Who discovered Neutrons?

(A) Michael Faraday

(B) J J Thomson

(C) James Chadwick

(D) John Dalton


4-The process of converting a solid directly to a gas phase is known as

(A) Deposition

(B) Condensation

(C) Vaporization

(D) Sublimation


5-Multi-Drug-Therapy (MDT) is used for the treatment of disease

(A) Filariasis

(B) Malaria

(C) Leprosy

(D) Polio


6-The heaviest natural atom with 92 electrons is

(A) Barium

(B) Beryllium

(C) Strontium

(D) Uranium


7-The sound waves with frequency below 16 Hz are called

(A) Extra-sonic

(B) Ultrasonic

(C) Infrasonic

(D) Sonic


8-Which of the following is not a parasitic disease?

(A) Filariasis

(B) Tuberculosis

(C) Leishmaniasis

(D) Malaria


9-Relative loudness of sound is measured in

(A) Coenoble

(B) Pebbles

(C) Megables

(D) Decibels


10-SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is caused by

(A) Tripanosoma

(B) Bacteria

(C) Virus

(D) Leishmania


11-The pH value of an acid is

(A) equal to 0

(B) equal to 7

(C) below 7

(D) above 7


12-The scientific study of earthquake is called

(A) Ecology

(B) Biology

(C) Cosmology

(D) Seismology



1-(A), 2-(C), 3-(C), 4-(D), 5-(C), 6-(D), 7-(C), 8-(B), 9-(D), 10-(C), 11-(C), 12-(D)