General Knowledge Quiz Questions

General Knowledge Quiz Questions

1-What is the source of oxygen during photosynthesis?

(A) Air

(B) Water

(C) Carbon Dioxide

(D) None of the above


2-Global warming is attributed to increase of which Green House Gases (GHGs)?

(A) CFCs

(B) CO2

(C) CH4

(D) All of these


3-Atmometer is used for measuring

(A) wind velocity

(B) humidity

(C) atmospheric pressure

(D) evaporation


4-First cloning in animals was successfully done in

(A) Goat

(B) Buffalo

(C) Cow

(D) Sheep


5-Following is the Largest organ in human body

(A) Small intestine

(B) Liver

(C) Large intestine

(D) Skin


6-A disease over large population

(A) Endemic

(B) Sporadic

(C) Enzootic

(D) Pandemic


7-Which of the following is a water soluble vitamin?

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin B1

(C) Vitamin K

(D) Vitamin E


8- Cow’s milk is deficient in

(A) Calcium

(B) Vitamin C

(C) Iron

(D) None of the above


9-Cataract is

(A) Nebulous opacity of cornea

(B) Opacification of lens

(C) Opacity of cornea

(D) None of the above


10-Aluminium is commercially produced from:

(A) Bauxite

(B) Cryolite

(C) Aluminium sulphate

(D) Alum


11-UNESCO stands for

(A) United Nations Election, Society and Community Organization

(B) United Nations Emergency Shelter and Cooperation Organization

(C) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

(D) None of the above


12-Keeping an object in its existing state is

(A) Restoration

(B) Consolidation

(C) Preservation

(D) Rehabilitation


13-International Museum day is celebrated on

(A) 31st May

(B) 18th May

(C) 1st May

(D) 12th May


14-_______ is defined as the electrochemical degradation of metals due to their reaction with the environment

(A) weathering

(B) degradation

(C) corrosion

(D) patination


15-The instrument to measure the relative humidity is called

(A) Photometer

(B) Hygrometer

(C) Thermometer

(D) Lux meter



1-(B), 2-(D), 3-(D), 4-(D), 5-(D), 6-(D), 7-(B), 8-(B), 9-(B), 10-(A), 11-(C), 12-(C), 13-(B), 14-(C), 15-(B)