General Studies MCQ for competitive exams

General Studies MCQ for competitive exams. Multiple Choice Questions on General studies. Objective Questions with Answers on General studies.

1- Which vitamin is called retinol?

(a) Vitamin A

(b) Vitamin C

(c) Vitamin D

(d) Vitamin E


2- What is the time difference between 1 degree of longitudes?

(a) 5 minutes

(b) 5 minutes 20 seconds

(c) 4 minutes

(d) 4 minutes 20 seconds


3- The point within the Earth surface where earthquakes originate is –

(a) comma

(b) origin

(c) epicenter

(d) focus


4- ‘Regatta’ is the term associated with:

(a) Golf

(b) Rowing

(c) Bridge

(d) Horse-racing


5- Contours are connecting places having:

(a) Equal heights

(b) Equal barometric pressure

(c) Equal temperature

(d) Equal amount of rainfall


6- The salinity of the sea water is:

(a) 1.5%

(b) 2.5%

(c) 3.5%

(d) 4.5%


7- The Sea of Tranquility is found in:

(a) Earth

(b) Mars

(c) Moon

(d) Saturn


8- The atmospheric layer that reflects radio waves to earth is called:

(a) The Ionosphere

(b) The Stratosphere

(c) The Mesosphere

(d) The Thermosphere


9- The pigment which is responsible for blood clotting is:

(a) Fibrinogen

(b) Haemoglobin

(c) Glucose

(d) Blood Cells


10- A substance used in the fire extinguisher under the trade name of Pyrene is:

(a) Carbon dioxide

(b) Chloroform

(c) Carbon tetrachloride

(d) Bleaching powder



1-(a), 2-(c), 3-(d), 4-(b), 5-(a), 6-(c), 7-(c), 8-(a), 9-(a), 10-(c)