Geology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Geology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

  1. The welded tuffs are known as

(A). Agglomerates

(B). Nunatak

(C). Ignimbrite

(D). Inselberg


  1. Volcanic domes are also known as

(A). Hornotos

(B). Lava cones/domes

(C). Cinder cones

(D). Trenches


  1. A volcano which has stopped eruption over a long period is known as

(A). Active volcano .

(B). Extinct volcano

(C). Dormant volcano

(D). Dead volcano


  1. The lithospheric plates slide past one another and that the plates neither gain nor lose surface areas are called

(A). Constructive plate margin

(B). Destructive plate margin

(C). Conservative plate margin

(D). All of the above


  1. The Slab Pull theory is related to:

(A). Isostasy

(B). Plate Zectonics

(C). Continental drift

(D). Expanding the earth


  1. Rocks formed at the ridge crests which are younger than 0.69 million years are:

(A). Normally magnetized

(B). Reversely magnetized

(C). Either normal or reversely magnetized

(D). The information is insufficient to predict the nature of magnetization involved.


  1. The average radius of the Earth is:

(A). 4.2 x 109 years

(B). 4.6 x 109 years

(C). 4.8 x 109 years

(D). 4.9 x 109 years


  1. Lower Gondwana rocks were deposited under

(A). Warm and humid climate

(B). Warm climate only

(C). Arid climate only

(D). Humid climate only


  1. The Trichinopoly stage is subdivided into ___ sub stages.

(A). 3

(B). 2

(C). 5

(D). 4


  1. Uncoiled ammonites are characteristic of

(A). Uttatur stage

(B). Niniyur stage

(C). Ariyalur stage

(D). Trichinopoly stage



1-(C), 2-(B), 3-(B), 4-(C), 5-(B), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(B), 10-(A)