Geology Questions and Answers

Geology Questions and Answers

1- Oil exploration stratigraphic correlation from area to area and well to weII can be done on the basis of

(A) Stratigraphic horizons

(B) Sedimentary interpretations

(C) Micropalaeontological marker horizons

(D) Depth of the stratigraphic columnĀ 


2- The silent volcanic eruption of lava without any explosive activity is

(A) Strambilian type

(B) Vesuvian type

(C) Pelean type

(D) Hawaiian type


3- The tube of colony in graptolites is known as

(A) nema

(B) suture

(C) stipe

(D) theca


4- Which of the following is not matched correctly?

(A) Trinucleus – Ordovician

(B) Calymene – Upper Cambrian

(C) Paradoxides – Middle Cambrian

(D) Olenellus – Lower Cambrian


5- A volcano which has not erupted for a long time is called as

(A) Dead volcano

(B) Dormant volcano

(C) Extinct volcano

(D) Active volcano


6- ___ structures may form potential oil fraps (or) aquifers.

(A) over lap

(B) Outlier

(C) Off lap

(D) Inlier


7- Folds that develop in an incompetent bed lying between two competent beds that shear past one another

(A) Supratenuous fold

(B) Curvilinear fold

(C) Drag fold

(D) Cylinderical fold


8- Where two continental plates collide with each other, associated with

(A) Oceanic trenches

(B) Mid oceanic ridges

(C) Island ridges

(D) Mountain building


9- Which of the given crystal classes are represented by “Only centre of symmetry”

(A) Normal class of Tetragonal system

(B) Normal class of Isometric system

(C) Normal class of Monoclinic system

(D) Normal class of Triclinic system


10- Nephelite is the type mineral for which of the following crystal classes?

(A) Pyramidal-Hemimorphic class of Hexagonal system

(B) Tripyramidal class of hexagonal system

(C) Trapezohedral class of hexagonal system

(D) Hemimorphic class of hexagonal system



1-(C), 2-(D), 3-(D), 4-(B), 5-(B), 6-(A), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(D), 10-(A)