Health and Nutrition – Questions and Answers

11-The function of Trypsin is to

(A) break down fats

(B) synthesize proteins

(C) break down carbohydrates

(D) break down proteins


12-Rock salt is a mineral containing

(A) Potassium

(B) Magnesium

(C) Sodium

(D) Iron


13-Which one of the following organs excretes water, fat and various catabolic wastes?

(A) Kidney

(B) Skin

(C) Heart

(D) Salivary glands


14-Deficiency of Insulin causes

(A) Beri-beri

(B) Yellow fever

(C) Cancer

(D) Diabetes


15-The causative agent of Tuberculosis is

(A) Mycobacterium

(B) Aspergillus

(C) Rhabdovirus



16-Which one of the following lenses is used to correct the defect of astigmatism?

(A) Concave lenses

(B) Convex lenses

(C) Cylindrical lenses

(D) Bifocal lenses


17-Pumpkin is a good source of

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin C

(C) Vitamin C

(D) All of the above


18-Contaminated water can cause the following diseases except

(A) Hepatitis A

(B) Typhoid

(C) Measles

(D) Cholera


19-The following disease is caused by bacteria and spreads through faecal matter by houseflies?

(A) Diphtheria

(B) Cholera

(C) Typhoid

(D) Chickenpox


20-Leukaemia is also called

(A) Anemia

(B) Blood cancer

(C) Tuberculosis

(D) Jaundice



11-(D), 12-(C), 13-(A), 14-(D), 15-(A), 16-(C), 17-(A), 18-(C), 19-(A), 20-(B)