Health and Nutrition – Questions and Answers

21-The following enzyme is present in the saliva of man

(A) Amylase

(B) Trypsin

(C) Renin

(D) Pepsin


22-Following is the water borne disease

(A) Goiter

(B) Measles

(C) Hepatitis A

(D) Malaria


23-Polio vaccine is discovered by

(A) Louis Pasteur

(B) Eli Whitney

(C) Konrad Zuse

(D) Jonas Salk


24-Presence of excess arsenic in water can cause

(A) Skin cancer

(B) Cholera

(C) Typhoid

(D) Indigestion


25-‘HAEMOPHILLIA’ is the disease of

(A) Heart

(B) Skin

(C) Blood

(D) Bones


26-Nicotine is present in

(A) Tea

(B) Coffee

(C) Tobacco

(D) Cocaine


27-The function of liver is to produce

(A) Urea

(B) Lipase

(C) Insulin

(D) Hydrochloric acid


28-The following is not a digestive enzyme in human system.

(A) Trypsin

(B) Gastrin

(C) Pepsin

(D) Ptyalin


29-Robert Webster is known for his work associated with

(A) Diabetes

(B) Blood cancer

(C) Alzheimer

(D) Influenza virus


30-The following harmones regulates blood calcium and phosphate in human body

(A) Parathyroid harmone

(B) Glucagon

(C) Thyroxine

(D) Growth harmone



21-(A), 22-(C), 23-(D), 24-(A), 25-(C), 26-(C), 27-(A), 28-(B), 29-(D), 30-(A)