Human Resource Management (HRM) Questions

Human Resource Management (HRM) Questions

1- Name the technique which determines the relevant worth of a job with respect to other jobs.

(A) Job evaluation

(B) Job analysis

(C) Job Profile

(D) Job description

2- Name the system which is simple, less expensive & less time consuming.

(A) Factor comparison

(B) Grading

(C) Point

(D) Ranking

3- What is regarded as the preventive tool in case of any differences of opinions among the members of rating committee?

(A) Job analysis

(B) Job specification

(C) Job description

(D) Job evaluation

4- If supply of labor is higher than demand, which factor would be relatively low?

(A) Price

(B) Wage

(C) Increment

(D) Incentive

5- Name the person who suggested the new concept which takes into account various key factors that will tell the overall performance of a job.

(A) Fred Luthas

(B) Elliot Jecques

(C) Philip Kotler

(D) Robbins

6- Name the technique used by the point system and factor comparison system to list the job.

(A) Qualitative

(B) Quantitative

(C) Non-analytical

(D) Analytical

7- Name one of the processes of job evaluation

(A) Select the method

(B) Ranking

(C) Point method

(D) Job

8- Name the method where common factors to all the jobs are identified.

(A) Factor comparison

(B) Analytical

(C) Non-analytical

(D) Point

9- On the basis of the relative work in the organization, what is the primary purpose of job evaluation?

(A) To set wages

(B) To set prices

(C) To set methods

(D) To set

10-What is that describes the duties of the job, authority relationship, skills requirement, conditions of work etc.

(A) Job evaluation

(B) Job analysis

(C) Job description

(D) Job profile

11- Under which system the process is based on persona! judgement, and therefore tends to get influenced by personal biases.

(A) Point

(B) Ranking

(C) Grading

(D) Factor

12- Which kind of inequality to a great extent affects industrial relations?

(A) Price

(B) Quality

(C) Wage

(D) Technology

13- What is it that job evaluation requires while undertaking the programme at all stages in the organization?

(A) Controlling

(B) Planning

(C) Co-ordination

(D) Co-operation

14- Name the organized group of employees which is directly concerned with job evaluation.

(A) Multi-union

(B) Trade union

(C) Workers union

(D) Supervisor’s

15- Which is the only weapon of trade union, which the union think is taken away by applying the Job evaluation System.

(A) Collective co-operation

(B) Collective negotiation

(C) Collective controlling

(D) Collective bargaining

16- Under the techniques of job evaluation, which is the most widely used method?

(A) Point system

(B) Ranking

(C) Job grading

(D) Factor

17- Name the factor which when changes, the job evaluation system should also change.

(A) Consumer

(B) Management

(C) Seller

(D) Technology

18- Under the techniques of job evaluation, which is the least method used?

(A) Job grading

(B) Factor

(C) Ranking system

(D) Point system

19- Grading systems require which type of system, because grading of clerical job may be quite different from that of operative job.

(A) Single

(B) Double

(C) Triple

(D) Multiple

20- In which type of system are yardsticks of value for each job factor are prepared?

(A) Point rating system

(B) Job evaluation

(C) Job description

(D) Ranking system


1-(A), 2-(D), 3-(B), 4-(B), 5-(B), 6-(B), 7-(A), 8-(D), 9-(A), 10-(B), 11-(B), 12-(C), 13-(B), 14-(B), 15-(D), 16-(A), 17-(D), 18-(C), 19-(D), 20-(A)