Human Resource Management MCQ

Human Resource Management MCQ

1- After assigning weight to each criterion like skill, knowledge etc., the worth of job is determined and converted to which kind of values?
(A) Monetary
(B) Incentive
(C) Quantitative
(D) Qualitative

2- When individual job description and grade descriptions do not match well, the evaluators classify the job using which kind of judgment?
(A) Specific
(B) Non-specific
(C) Subjective
(D) Objective

3- Which kind of relationship does system of a job-evaluation maintain while rating for different jobs?
(A) Variable
(B) Equitable
(C) Systematic
(D) Relevant

4- Job analysis describes variety of duties of the job, they are:
(A) Authority
(B) Condition of work
(C) Skills
(D) All of the above

5- The worth of job is determined in relation to other jobs in terms of
(A) Responsibility involved
(B) Efforts required
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

6- If standard of living is ___ , it calls for higher wage
(A) High
(B) Low
(C) Medium
(D) Below

7-Responsibilty of ___ is much more than a worker.
(A) Manager
(B) Supervisor
(C) General Manager
(D) Personnel

8-In case of ___ there is one yardstick consisting of job classes.
(A) Job ranking
(B) Job analysis
(C) Job Evaluation
(D) Job Grading

9-All ___ should be paid within limits which is given by the standards through a wage structure.
(A) Increments
(B) Gratuity
(C) Wages
(D) Incentive

10-The ranking system is also known as ___ system.
(A) Non-quantitative
(B) Quantitative
(C) Qualitative
(D) Non-qualitative

11-It is said that rate the job, and not the ___ .
(A) Wage
(B) Man
(C) Salary
(D) Personnel

12- ___ is the rating of jobs to determine their position in a job hierarchy.
(A) Job evaluation
(B) Job system
(C) Job analysis
(D) Job description

13- On the basis of job elements and organizational demand an appropriate of job evaluation ___ should be selected.
(A) Study
(B) type
(C) method
(D) course

14- ___ are first established on the basis of job information derived from job analysis.
(A) Description
(B) Equipment
(C) Experiences
(D) Grades

15-Factor comparison method is regarded as ___ method.
(A) Simple
(B) Complex
(C) Appreciable
(D) Less expensive

16-While evaluating ___ jobs, where nature of work is difficult to be expressed in quantifiable numbers.
(A) Workers
(B) Supervisors
(C) Managerial
(D) Personnel

17-Under ___ method jobs are arranged from highest to lowest, in order of their value to the organization.
(A) Point
(B) Grading
(C) Actor comparison
(D) Ranking

18-The job evaluation programme once installed must be continued on a ___ basis.
(A) Monthly
(B) Voluntary
(C) Permanent
(D) Periodical

19- The following case is widely used in job evaluation and also designs wage structure.
(A) Job ranking
(B) Job grading
(C) Factor comparison system
(D) Point rating system

20-The following method is very simple and not expensive.
(A) Job ranking
(B) Job grading
(C) Factor comparison system
(D) Point rating system

1-(A), 2-(C), 3-(B), 4-(D), 5-(C), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(D), 9-(C), 10-(A), 11-(B), 12-(A), 13-(C), 14-(D), 15-(B), 16-(C), 17-(D), 18-(C), 19-(D), 20-(A)