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Idioms and Phrases MCQ Questions

Idioms and Phrases MCQ Questions for Competitive Examinations.

1- A person who works by fits and starts can never succeed in his life.

(a) irregularly

(b) capriciously

(c) monotonously

(d) impatiently


2- Don’t beat about the bush; come to the point.

(a) to talk in detail

(b) to talk irrelevant

(c) to talk secretly

(d) None of these


3- Abraham Lincoln was a man of parts.

(a) a good-hearted person

(b) a strong person

(c) an able person

(d) a confident person


4- Never trust him. He is a good-for-nothing fellow.

(a) shrewd

(b) not an honest

(c) coward

(d) useless


5- She is on the right side of fifty.

(a) above

(b) about

(c) below

(d) around


6- Do not give way to their unjust demands.

(a) submit

(b) paved the way for

(c) retire

(d) enter


7- You must find the ways and means of starting a business.

(a) capital

(b) prospective partners

(c) good location

(d) resources


8- I want a fair field and no favour.

(a) partial treatment

(b) special treatment

(c) impartial treatment

(d) none of these


9- Bread and butter are all we want.

(a) food

(b) bread with butter

(c) money

(d) bare means of living


10- Put your shoulder on the wheel instead of looking at it.

(a) set to work

(b) drive the vehicle

(c) start the engine

(d) hold the steering


11- We reached the station in the nick of time.

(a) too late

(b) just in time

(c) too early

(d) none of these



1-(a), 2-(b), 3-(c), 4-(d), 5-(c), 6-(a), 7-(d), 8-(c), 9-(d), 10-(a), 11-(b)