Importance of leadership

Importance of leadership:

The importance of leadership in management is as follows.

Alignment of organisation with business environment: There are many factors like changing technology, irregularity in market, leads to highly volatile business environment. To be effective in such situation there is need of visionary leaders who can keep organisation aligned with this contemporary business environment. In the rapid changing environment effective leadership will enable business organisation grow, survive and profitable.

Introduction to change: Leadership is mechanism to convince the workers about need of change. Dynamic leadership is required for introducing the upcoming changes to the workers. An effective leader will work to overcome resistance on the part of workers and will facilitate change in the organisation.

Source of motivation: A good leader inspires and motivates the employees for giving better performance. They are source of motivation for their subordinates. They keep on boosting morale of employees and also utilize them for the achievement of desired goals. Motivation is essential element of effective leadership, in the absence of which success is doubtful.

Helps in Solving Conflicts Effectively: A leader can resolve every type of clash (employees vs. employees and employees vs. employer) effectively by influencing coordination between them. A leader always allows his group the liberty to express their views. He understands the reality of the conflict easily and tries to provide timely solution and minimizes the possibility of undesirable results.

Helps Followers in Fulfilling their Needs: A leader creates personal relationship with his group members and tries to fulfill their wants. If a person provides security, freedom and the opportunities to earn, gives them the right environment to work only then group members will follow him. This is the way an effective leader works. That is reason, why people follow him. A person who takes care of the needs of the employees, they happily accept him. Consequently, staff will work with complete devotion and interest.

Provides Guidance: A good leader is able to provide meaningful guidance and opinion for staff. If needed, managers should be able to show workers how to perform their job tasks more efficiently and effectively. A great leader provides the support that employees need to grow and develop.