Manufacturing Processes MCQ Questions

Manufacturing Processes MCQ Questions

1-Process of shaping thin metal sheets by processing them against a form tool is called

(A) Spinning

(B) Deep drawing

(C) Upsetting

(D) Reaming


2-Chaplets are made of

(A) Asbestos

(B) Wood

(C) Ceramic

(D) Metal


3-Consumable electrode is used in the process of

(A) Laser welding

(B) MIG welding

(C) TIG welding

(D) Thermit welding


4-The process of converting metallic powders into articles of definite form is known as

(A) Cold rolling

(B) Drawing

(C) Powder metallurgy

(D) Soldering


5-Dressing is the process of

(A) disposing the grinding wheel as it no longer useful

(B) changing the shape of the grinding wheel

(C) removing the metal loading and breaking away the glazed surface of the grinding wheel

(D) adding excess abrasive grains on the grinding wheel


6-Following material is used for coating of electrodes

(A) Slag

(B) Flux

(C) Deoxidant

(D) Protective layer


7-The machining process in which the metal of a workpiece dissolved, is

(A) Electro chemical machining (ECM)

(B) Abrasive jet machining (AJM)

(C) Electro Discharge machining (EDM)

(D) Ultrasonic machining (USM)


8-Danner process is

(A) the process by which glass sheet is made

(B) the process by which glass tube is made

(C) the method used to make thick walled pieces

(D) the method used to make funnel shaped component


9-The metal powder used in Thermit welding of steel is

(A) Aluminium

(B) Copper

(C) Lead

(D) Tungsten


10-The primary source for making glass is

(A) Al2O3

(B) Na2CO3

(C) SiO2

(D) CaO


11-Following gases are used in Tungsten Inert Gas Welding.

(A) Argon and Helium

(B) CO2 and H2

(C) Helium and Neon

(D) Argon and Neon


12-In crank and slotted link mechanism, the cutting time to return time varies between

(A) 2:1 and 2:3

(B) 2:1 and 3:2

(C) 1:2 and 2:3

(D) 1:2 and 3:2



1-(A), 2-(D), 3-(B), 4-(C), 5-(C), 6-(B), 7-(A), 8-(B), 9-(A), 10-(C), 11-(A), 12-(B)