Manufacturing Processes Questions and Answers – 2

Manufacturing Processes Questions and Answers – 2

1-The work holding device for concentric machining of outside diameter of work piece with finished bores is:

(A) Collet

(B) Face plate fixture

(C) Mandrels

(D) Three jaw chuck


2-Self holding tapers have a low angle, limited to maximum of

(A) 5°

(B) 10°

(C) 15°

(D) 20°


3-Which one of the following machine reamers does not have the shank as an integral part of the reamer?

(A) Rose reamer

(B) Chucking reamer

(C) Shell reamer

(D) Machine jig reamer


4-The term forging refers to

(A) Plastic deformation

(B) Elastic deformation

(C) Stress deformation

(D) Strain relieving


5-A very difficult forgeable material is

(A) Maraging steel

(B) Beryllium

(C) Magnesium alloy

(D) Nickel alloy


6-Slow and progressive deformation is

(A) Resilience

(B) Malleability

(C) Creep

(D) Plasticity


7-When a material is subjected to cyclic periodic loading, the property occurring is

(A) Creep

(B) Fatigue

(C) Hardness

(D) Ductility


8-Hooke’s Law states that

(A) Stress x Strain = Constant

(B) Strain – Stress = Constant

(C) Stress / Strain = Constant

(D) Stress + Strain = Constant


9-The process of forming new grain structure with reduced grain size when a metal is heated and deformed is called:

(A) Re-crystallization

(B) Crystallization

(C) Melting

(D) Deforming


10-Length of work piece is reduced by:

(A) Upsetting

(B) Fullering

(C) Flattening

(D) Piercing



1-(C), 2-(A), 3-(C), 4-(A), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(B), 8-(C), 9-(A), 10-(A)