Manufacturing Processes Questions and Answers – 3

Manufacturing Processes Questions and Answers – 3

1-Ceramic cutting tools are made from

(A) Tungsten powder

(B) Aluminium powder

(C) Titanium oxide powder

(D) Iron carbide powder


2-The cutting angle becomes stronger when the cutting tool is provided with:

(A) Zero back rake angle

(B) Positive back rake angle

(C) Side rake angle

(D) Negative back rake angle


3-The fixtures are to:

(A) Hold and locate the work

(B) Control the cutting tools

(C) Hold the cutting tools

(D) Guide the cutting tools


4-For a turning operation, the ‘l’ is the length of job, ‘f’ is the feed rate and ‘n’ is the rpm of work. The cutting time for turning is calculated by:

(A) f / (l x n) minutes

(B) n / (f x l) minutes

(C) (f x n) / l minutes

(D) l / (f x n) minutes


5-Which of the following term has no connection with boring operation?

(A) Originating a hole

(B) Enlarge a hole

(C) Finish a hole

(D) Positioning a hole


6-Following tool has no connection with checking and measuring a screw thread.

(A) Screw pitch gauge

(B) Thread ring gauge

(C) Thread chasing dial

(D) Screw thread micrometer


7-A universal bevel protractor has an accuracy of:

(A) 1 minutes

(B) 5 minutes

(C) 10 minutes

(D) 24 minutes


8-The steel containing 0.8% carbon has a structure of

(A) Cementite

(B) Pearlite

(C) Martensite

(D) Ferrite


9-While heating steel, the ‘austenite’ structure is formed at 723°C, this temperature is called:

(A) Upper critical temperature

(B) Melting temperature

(C) Tempering point temperature

(D) Lower critical temperature


10-Tool maker’s button is used while boring for

(A) Accurate boring

(B) More finish

(C) Accurate roundness

(D) Accurate positioning the hole



1-(B), 2-(D), 3-(A), 4-(D), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(B), 8-(D), 9-(D), 10-(D)