Manufacturing Processes Questions with Answers

Manufacturing Processes Questions with Answers for Competitive Examinations.

1- Danner process is the method to make

(A) glass tube

(B) glass sheet

(C) funnel shape component

(D) thick walled pieces


2- The primary source for making glass is

(A) CaO

(B) CaCO3

(C) SiO2

(D) Na2CO3


3- Hot tear is a

(A) Cold working process

(B) Bending process

(C) Casting defect

(D) Heat treatment process


4- Which of the following type of broaching method is used for internal broaching

(A) Surface broaching

(B) Continuous broaching

(C) Push broaching

(D) Pull broaching


5- In rolling process, ‘’manipulators’’ are used

(A) to reverse the direction of rolling

(B) for finishing

(C) to turn ingot at right angle

(D) to adjust space between the rolls


6- Dressing is the process of

(A) adding excess abrasive grains on the grinding wheel

(B) disposing the grinding wheel

(C) removing the metal loading and breaking away the glazed surface of the grinding wheel

(D) changing the shape of the grinding wheel


7- Wax patterns are excellent for

(A) Slush casting

(B) Investment casting

(C) Pressure Die casting

(D) Centrifugal casting


8- In which of the following machining process, the metal of a workpiece is dissolved

(A) Abrasive jet machining (AJM)

(B) Ultrasonic machining (USM)

(C) Electro chemical machining (ECM)

(D) Electro discharge machining (EDM)


9- Which of the following gases are used in Tungsten Inert Gas welding?

(A) Helium and Neon

(B) Argon and Helium

(C) Argon and Neon

(D) Carbon dioxide and Helium


10- Tooth-paste capsules produced by?

(A) tube drawing process

(B) impact extrusion process

(C) tube turning process

(D) boring operation


11- Loose piece patterns are

(A) used to ensure proper supply of molten metal into the mould

(B) used when the pattern cannot be drawn from the mould as one piece

(C) similar to core prints

(D) a sort of split patterns


12- Following casting method is used for making gun barrels and cast iron pipes

(A) Pressure Die casting

(B) True centrifugal casting

(C) Continuous casting

(D) Slush casting


13- Chip reduction coefficient is the ratio of

(A) cutting velocity to shear velocity

(B) chip thickness to depth of cut

(C) depth of cut to chip thickness

(D) cutting velocity to chip velocity


14- Which one of the following is not a feature of Gear hobbing process?

(A) Generation of internal gears

(B) Very accurate tooth profiles

(C) Generation of helical gears

(D) High rate of production


15- In forging the upsetting process is

(A) joining the two surfaces of metal

(B) decreasing cross section

(C) bending of bar

(D) increasing cross section of bar


16- Fullers are used for

(A) grooving

(B) necking down operation

(C) drawing a piece of work

(D) all of the above


17- Which of the following surface can be machined on shaper?

(A) vertical surface

(B) horizontal surface

(C) inclined surface

(D) all of the above


18- Which of the following is the fastest method to produce gears?

(A) Extrusion

(B) Hobbing

(C) Rolling

(D) Shaping


19- Following is responsible for Pinch effect in welding

(A) Electrostatic forces

(B) Electromagnetic forces

(C) Expansion of gases in arc

(D) all of the above


20- Which of the following is multi point cutting tool?

(A) Broaching tool

(B) Milling cutter

(C) both (A) and (B)

(D) none of the above



1-(A), 2-(C), 3-(C), 4-(D), 5-(C), 6-(C), 7-(B), 8-(C), 9-(B), 10-(B), 11-(B), 12-(B), 13-(B), 14-(A), 15-(D), 16-(D), 17-(D), 18-(B), 19-(B), 20-(C)