MBA Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

MBA Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

1-The form of departmentation often used in the sales function is

(A) By time

(B) Matrix structure

(C) By process

(D) By territory


2-The tendency to disperse decision making authority in an organized structure is called

(A) Using power

(B) Centralization

(C) Departmentation

(D) Decentralization


3-The main purpose of Internal Communication is

(A) Motivation

(B) Information

(C) Instruction

(D) Control


4-Which one of the following is the main purpose of Management Information System (MIS)?

(A) Keep track of the environment

(B) Spy on employees

(C) Record and file information

(D) Assess and distribute information


5-The job of controlling is carried out by

(A) All managerial staff

(B) Operation manager

(C) Top managers

(D) Special appointed executives


6-Curiosity, manipulation, power, security and status are examples of

(A) Non motives

(B) Secondary motives

(C) General motives

(D) Primary motives


7-Expectancy theory of motivation was brought out by

(A) Maslow

(B) Alderfer

(C) Vroom

(D) Herzberg


8-Theories of leadership include, Trait, Behavioral and

(A) Personal

(B) Intellectual

(C) Motivational

(D) Situational


9-‘Factoring’ as a financial service is associated with

(A) Bank balances

(B) Account receivable

(C) Inventory

(D) Cash


10-In a JIT environment, the flow of goods is controlled by

(A) Pull approach

(B) No stock approach

(C) Both pull and push approach

(D) Push approach



1-(D), 2-(D), 3-(B), 4-(D), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(B), 10-(D)