MCQ on Agriculture

MCQ on Agriculture


1-Which of the following bacteria is present in the root nodules and fix the atmospheric nitrogen?

(A) Phospho bacteria

(B) Azospirillum

(C) Rhizobium

(D) Blue green algae


2-What is the average temperature requirement for rice?

(A) 0 – 12 °C

(B) 13 – 20 °C

(C) 21 – 37 °C

(D) 37 – 50 °C


3-The photoreceptor of molecule which absorbs light for process of photosynthesis is

(A) UV pigments

(B) Cryptochrome

(C) Phytochrome

(D) Chlorophyll


4-The enzyme linked with photosynthesis is

(A) Nitrate reductase

(B) Proteinase

(C) Lipase

(D) Rubisco


5-When the grains fall from top to bottom, hot air is passed to dry the grain is referred as

(A) sun drying

(B) fluidized bed dryer

(C) continuous flow dryer

(D) flat bed dryer


6-The process of making manure of decomposable waste is known as

(A) Disposal

(B) Composting

(C) Neutralization

(D) Pulverization


7-Which of the following is the richest source of protein?

(A) Tobacco

(B) Pulses

(C) Millets

(D) Cereals


8-Weeds those originates in a country but grows in another country are known as

(A) Indigenous weeds

(B) Relative weeds

(C) Exotic weeds

(D) None of the above


9-Relative humidity is measured in

(A) %

(B) m/sec

(C) mm

(D) °C


10-Crops that are grown purely to feed animals are called

(A) Cover crops

(B) Cash crops

(C) Silage crops

(D) Forage crops



1-(C), 2-(C), 3-(D), 4-(D), 5-(C), 6-(B), 7-(B), 8-(C), 9-(A), 10-(D)