MCQ on Basics of Engineering

MCQ on Basics of Engineering

1-The center of gravity of a triangular lamina of base ‘b’ and height ‘h’ lies at a height of

(A) (2/3)h from the base

(B) (1/4)h from the base

(C) (1/2)h from the base

(D) (1/3)h from the base


2-In the breakdown region, Zener diode behaves like a ___ source.

(A) Constant voltage

(B) Constant current

(C) Constant resistance

(D) Constant power


3-Chromium is a

(A) Heavy metal

(B) Heavy solid

(C) Light ion

(D) Heavy ion


4-The moment of inertia of a square lamina of side 30 cm about its edges is

(A) 3.7 x 105 cm4

(B) 4.7 x 105 cm4

(C) 1.7 x 105 cm4

(D) 2.7 x 105 cm4


5-The element that has the biggest size in a transistor is

(A) Collector

(B) Base

(C) Emitter

(D) PN junction


6-Most hazardous metal pollutant of automobile exhaust is

(A) Cd

(B) Hg

(C) Pb

(D) Cu


7-A car is moving with velocity of 15 m/s. The car is brought to rest after application of brakes in 5 seconds. The retardation is

(A) 10 m/s2

(B) 5 m/s2

(C) 3 m/s2

(D) 1 m/s2


8-A car acceleration on a horizontal road due to the force exerted by

(A) the engine of the car

(B) the driver of the car

(C) the earth

(D) the road


9-The control charts used for the fraction of defective items in a sample is

(A) Range chart

(B) P-chart

(C) Mean chart

(D) C-chart


10-When the radial distance is ‘r’ the linear acceleration ‘a’ and angular acceleration ‘α’ are related as follows

(A) a = r2α

(B) a = r3α

(C) a = rα

(D) a = r4α



1-(D), 2-(A), 3-(A), 4-(D), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(B), 10-(C)