MCQ on Computer Science

MCQ on Computer Science

1-Which out of following uses secure electronic transaction protocol ? 

(a) Credit card payment   

(b) Cheque payment  

(c) Electronic cash payment  

(d) Payment of small amount for internet services

2-Which of the following statement is most appropriate for B2C commerce ? 

(a) It includes services like legal advice.  

(b) It is limited to shopping of physical goods only.  

(c) Customer should approach customer for selling only.  

(d) Customer should approach business to buy.

3-Which of the following is a filter command of UNIX ? 

(a) ls-l

(b) grep

(c) dir

(d) None of the above

4-Which among the following is a service provided by cloud computing ? 

(a) Platform

(b) Software

(c) Infrastructure

(d) All of the above

5-Which of the following is a distributed cloud type ? 

(a) Volunteer cloud 

(b) Private cloud  

(c) Community cloud 

(d) Hybrid cloud

6-Which of the following cloud service provides the necessary software support ? 

(a) SaaS

(b) PaaS

(c) LaaS

(d) None of the above

7-In network, each router has two ________ 

(a) Masks

(b) Addresses

(c) Blocks

(d) Segments

8-Which of the following is associated with MAC address ? 

(a) Transport layer 

(b) Data link layer  

(c) Application layer 

(d) Physical layer

9-Which of the following is not a guided media ? 

(a) Fibre optical cable 

(b) Coaxial cable  

(c) Wireless Lan  

(d) Copper wire

10-In which layer of the OSI reference model router is supposed to operate ? 

(a) Physical layer

(b) Network layer

(c) Transport layer

(d) Application layer

11-Which of the following protocol(s) is/are defined in Transport layer ? 

(a) FTP and TCP

(b) FTP and UDP

(c) TCP and UDP

(d) FTP

12-Which of the following is (are) the application layer protocol(s) ?  (

a) FTP

(b) DNS

(c) Telnet

(d) All of the above

13-Which of the following is changed by the scale transformation of an object ? 

(a) Size

(b) Location

(c) Shape

(d) (a) and (b) both

14-GSM is related to which of the following generations of cellular networks ? 

(a) First generation 

(b) Second generation  

(c) Third generation 

(d) Fourth generation

15-The two addresses required in mobile IP equipped devices are  

(a) Home and Public addresses

(b) Private and Public addresses  

(c) Home and Care-of addresses

(d) None of the above

16-Which of the following is a standard assigned to Bluetooth ? 

(a) IEEE 802.15.1 

(b) IEEE 802 

(c) IEEE 802.11   

(d) IEEE 1471

17-What is the maximum range of Bluetooth, version 5.0 ? 

(a) 120 metres

(b) 200 metres

(c) 240 metres

(d) None of the above

18-The machine which has the output associated  with its states is called as 

(a) Mealy machine 

(b) Moore machine 

(c) Xeno machine  

(d) Finite state machine

19-In C++ an exception is thrown using the key word ________. 

(a) throws

(b) throw

(c) threw

(d) thrown

20-Which of the following operator is used to concatenate strings in Java ? 

(a) &

(b) %

(c) ++

(d) +

21-Which of the following is not a casting operator in C++ ? 

(a) explicit_cast 

(b) static_cast

(c) dynamic_cast

(d) reinterpret_cast

22-In C++ Cin and Cout are the predefined stream ________. 

(a) operators

(b) objects

(c) functions

(d) data types

23-The basic storage element used in  clocked sequential circuit is termed as 

(a) Full Adder

(b) Multiplexer

(c) Flip flop

(d) None of the above

24-A Data bus is ________  

(a) Unidirection

(b) Bidirection

(c) Arbitrarily wide

(d) None of the above

25-The single bus structure is primarily the feature of – 

(a) Main frame computers

(b) Mini and micro computers  

(c) High performance computers

(d) None of the above

26-Which file contains setting for all .NET application types such as windows consoles, class libraries and web applications ? 

(a) Web.config

(b) Machine.config

(c) Global.asax

(d) All of the above

27-Which of these is the first event when a user requests a web page in ASP.NET ? 

(a) PreLoad

(b) Load

(c) Preinit

(d) Init

28-What is the use of the tag <canvas> in HTML page ? 

(a) Adding any image 

(b) Graphic drawing using SVG  

(c) Graphic drawing using JavaScript

(d) None of the above

29-To store dissimilar data together which type shall be used ? 

(a) array

(b) structure

(c) stack

(d) None of these

30-In which of the following search agent operates by interleaving computation and action ? 

(a) Offline search  

(b) Online search 

(c) Breadth first search 

(d) Depth first search

31-WPA2 is used for security in _________. 

(a) Ethernet

(b) Bluetooth

(c) Wi-Fi

(d) None of the above

32-Which of the following is a major cloud computing platform ? 

(a) Microsoft Azure 

(b) MS-Office 

(c) Java  

(d) None of the above

33-In which category of SaaS services does CRM software fall ? 

(a) Consumer Services 

(b) Communication Services 

(c) Infrastructure Services

(d) Business Services

34-The basic properties of transaction is called  

(a) ACID property 

(b) RAW property 

(c) BEEM property 

(d) None of the above

35-What is Artificial Intelligence ? 

(a) Putting your intelligence into computer 

(b) Programming with your own intelligence 

(c) Making a machine intelligent 

(d) Putting more memory into computer

36-How many phases of knowledge discovery process is in Data Mining ? 

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 5

(d) 6

37-Data warehouse bus matrix is a combination of  

(a) Dimensions and Data marts

(b) Dimensions and facts 

(c) Facts and Data marts

(d) Dimensions and Detailed facts


1-(a). 2-(d), 3-(b), 4-(d), 5-(a), 6-(a), 7-(b), 8-(b), 9-(c), 10-(b), 11-(c), 12-(d), 13-(a), 14-(b), 15-(c), 16-(a), 17-(c), 18-(a), 19-(b), 20-(d), 21-(a), 22-(b), 23-(c), 24-(b), 25-(b), 26-(b), 27-(c), 28-(c), 29-(b), 30-(b), 31-(c), 32-(a), 33-(d), 34-(a), 35-(c), 36-(b), 37-(a)