MCQ on General Awareness

MCQ on General Awareness

1-A group of similar cells in human body performing the same function is called_______.

(A) Gland

(B) Organ

(C) System

(D) Tissue


2-The comprehensive software system that builds, maintains and provides access to a database is:






3-The top chambers of human heart are called_____

(A) Aorta

(B) Atrium

(C) Septum

(D) Ventricle


4-The chief constituents of Bio Gas are:

(A) Propane and Carbon di-oxide

(B) Methane and Carbon di-oxide

(C) Ammonia and Carbon Mono-oxide

(D) Methane and Propane


5-The function of an alternator in an automobile is to:

(A) Convert Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy

(B) Partly convert engine power into electric power

(C) Continually recharge the battery

(D) Supply electric power


6-Endoscope, used by doctors for examining the inside of a patient’s stomach, works on the principle of:

(A) Reflection of light

(B) Dispersion of light

(C) Refraction of light

(D) Total internal reflection of light


7-The chemical compound ‘niacin’ (or nicotinic acid) is a constituent of:

(A) Vitamin C

(B) Table Sugar

(C) Vitamin B Complex

(D) Hormone Thyroxin


8-Which non-metallic element is liquid at room temperature?

(A) Bromine

(B) Flourine

(C) Chlorine

(D) Phosphorous


9-Instrument used for measuring very high temperatures is____.

(A) Isohyet

(B) Halometer

(C) Pyrometer

(D) Xylometer


10-Which one of the following Country-Capital pairs is incorrect?

(A) Eritrea – Asmara

(B) Saudi Arabia – Dubai

(C) Portugal – Lisbon

(D) Honduras – Tegucigalpa



1-(D), 2-(D), 3-(B), 4-(B), 5-(C), 6-(D), 7-(C), 8-(A), 9-(C), 10-(B)