MCQ on General English

MCQ on General English

1-Our pain ____ pleasure ____ largely a creation ____ our mind.

(A) and, is, in

(B) and, are, in

(C) or, is, of

(D) or, are, of


2-Look, here ____ my brother and his only friend.

(A) come

(B) comes

(C) is coming

(D) has come


3-At this age he is tired ____ his life.

(A) with

(B) of

(C) from

(D) off


4-Last night I ___ a pleasant dream.

(A) might see

(B) could see

(C) saw

(D) have seen


5-The teacher asked if ________ to bring our textbooks to class.

(A) all we had remembered

(B) we had all remembered

(C) had we all remembered

(D) had all we remembered


6-We look forward to ________ you at the event.

(A) seeing

(B) seen

(C) see

(D) meet


7-The baby ________ soundly even when the ________ next door play noisily.

(A) sleep, childs

(B) sleeps, children

(C) sleeps, child

(D) sleep, children


8-He doesn’t seem to be here. He ________ out.

(A) must have gone

(B) must be going

(C) must go

(D) must have been going


9-Harry is the person ________ is taking over my job next week.

(A) who

(B) what

(C) how

(D) which


10-The company we are looking for ________ closed down.

(A) might

(B) might be

(C) might not

(D) may


11-The winters ________ to get longer and colder every year, whereas the summers ________ to get shorter and cooler.

(A) seems, appears

(B) seems, appear

(C) seem, appears

(D) seem, appear


12-We were not alone in the room. He sat ________ me. There were others there ________ us.

(A) be, besides

(B) besides, beside

(C) next, between

(D) by, besides


13-You should read this novel – it’s been ________ recommended by all the critics.

(A) highly

(B) truly

(C) fully

(D) deeply


14-I am not one of those who believe everything ___ hear.

(A) we

(B) they

(C) one

(D) I


15-Mr. John seems ____ his stay at Somnath. [select proper verb-form]

(A) be enjoying

(B) to have enjoyed

(C) of enjoy

(D) to has enjoyed



1-(C), 2-(A), 3-(B), 4-(C), 5-(B), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(A), 10-(B), 11-(D), 12-(D), 13-(A), 14-(B), 15-(B)