MCQ on General Knowledge for Examinations

MCQ on General Knowledge for Examinations

1- Pedology is the science related to the study of ____

(a) atmosphere

(b) soil

(c) pollutants

(d) seeds


2- The largest Freshwater lake “Lake Baikal” is located in?

(a) Canada

(b) Greenland

(c) Russia

(d) Poland


3- Which blood group is known as ‘Universal recipients’ group?

(a) AB group

(b) A group

(c) B group

(d) O group


4- Which of the following planet has No Moon?

(a) Venus

(b) Mars

(c) Jupiter

(d) Uranus


5- Who is known as the inventor of Hydrogen bomb?

(a) Enrico Fermi

(b) George Gamow

(c) Edward Teller

(d) Hans Bethe


6- Which one of the following is disease is caused by bacteria ?

(a) Hepatitis- B

(b) Poliomyelitis

(c) Scabies

(d) Tuberculosis


7- A radar that detects the presence of an enemy aircraft uses ____

(a) Sound waves

(b) Radio waves

(c) Electric waves

(d) Ultrasonic waves


8- The weight of an object will be minimum when it is placed at ?

(a) The North Pole

(b) The South Pole

(c) The Center of the Earth

(d) The Equator


9- International day of the Girl Child is observed on

(a) 25th September

(b) 28th September

(c) 4th October

(d) 11th October


10- An instrument used for measuring depth of an ocean is called?

(a) Hydrometer

(b) Hygrometer

(c) Fathometer

(d) Galvanometer



1-(b), 2-(c), 3-(a), 4-(a), 5-(c), 6-(d), 7-(d), 8-(c), 9-(d), 10-(c)