MCQ on Geology

MCQ on Geology

1-Which of the following is exclusively marine ?

(a) Gastropods

(b) Cephalopods

(c) Pelecypoda

(d) None of these

2-Vertebraria is a

(a) Rhizome

(b) Leaf

(c) Stem

(d) Flower

3-Land plants for the first time appeared during

(a) Ordovician

(b) Carboniferous

(c) Cambrian

(d) Permian

4-Taxodont dentition is found in

(a) Cardita

(b) Trigonia

(c) Arca

(d) Ostrea

5-Umbo pointing in posterior is called

(a) Opisthogyre

(b) Prosogyre

(c) Orthogyre

(d) None of these

6-Desmodont dentition is found in

(a) Arca

(b) Trigonia

(c) Gryphea

(d) All of these

7-Turrilites is a

(a) Gastropod

(b) Brachiopod

(c) Cephalopod

(d) Bivalve

8-Madreporite plate is found in

(a) Ammonite

(b) Graptolite

(c) Trilobite

(d) Echinoids

9-Trilobite become absolutely extinct before

(a) Late Triassic

(b) Early Triassic

(c) Early Permian

(d) Late Permian

10-Age of Graptolite is

(a) Cambrian to Permian

(b) Devonian to Triassic

(c) Lower Ordovician to Lower Devonian

(d) Devonian to Cretaceous

11-The earliest appearance of Elephas was in

(a) Pleistocene

(b) Pliocene

(c) Miocene

(d) Oligocene

12-Hipparian is a genus belonging to

(a) Mammalia

(b) Mollusca

(c) Brachiopod

(d) Proterozoa

13-The brain capacity of Homo sapiens is

(a) 1350 cc

(b) 1450 cc

(c) 1550 cc

(d) 1650 cc

14-Conodonts are found in

(a) Cambrian to present

(b) Upper Cambrian to Upper Triassic

(c) Ordovician to Eocene

(d) Devonian to Upper Triassic

15-The principle of uniformitarinism was proposed by

(a) Charles Darwin

(b) William Smith

(c) Charles Lyell

(d) James Hutton

16-The term Tethys Sea was proposed by

(a) Hall

(b) Suess

(c) Darwin

(d) Smith

17-Who amongst the following proposed the Principle of Order of Superposition of strata ?

(a) Smith

(b) Wagener

(c) Steno

(d) Lyell


1-(c), 2-(c), 3-(a), 4-(c), 5-(a), 6-(c), 7-(c), 8-(d), 9-(d), 10-(a), 11-(b), 12-(a), 13-(a), 14-(b), 15-(d), 16-(b), 17-(c)