MCQ on IC engine

MCQ on IC engine

1-The octane number of petrol generally available is:

(A) 20 to 40

(B) 40 to 60

(C) 80 to 100

(D) 100 to 120

2-The specific fuel consumption is defined as:

(A) fuel consumption per brake power

(B) fuel consumption per hour

(C) fuel consumption per hour per brake power

(D) fuel consumption per indicated power

3-The brake power of an IC engine having speed 1200 rpm with torque 15 Nm is

(A) 300π watts

(B) 450π watts

(C) 150π watts

(D) 600π watts

4-In a four stroke, each cylinder has:

(A) Four valve

(B) Three valve

(C) Two valve

(D) One valve

5-The principle used for making hydraulic brakes:

(A) Darcy’s law

(B) Bernoulli’s law

(C) Chezy’s law

(D) Pascal’s law

6-The brake power is 7.5 kw and frictional power is 2.5 kw, then the indicated power is:

(A) 2.5 kw

(B) 5.0 kw

(C) 7.5 kw

(D) 10 kw

7-Stoichio metric fuel ratio:

(A) 20:1

(B) 15:1

(C) 12:1

(D) 8:1

8-In air brake system, compressor is driven by:

(A) Engine itself

(B) Electric motor

(C) Hand operated

(D) Battery

9-How many number of working stroke per minute will take place for a 1600 rpm single cylinder four stroke engine?

(A) 400

(B) 800

(C) 1600

(D) 3200

10-The ignition temperature of diesel is about

(A) 250°C

(B) 400°C

(C) 600°C

(D) 750°C

11-The two reference fuels used for cetane rating are:

(A) Cetane and iso octane

(B) Cetane and tetra ethyl lead

(C) Cetane and alpha methyl naphthalene

(D) None

12-Knocking tendency in SI engine reduces with increasing:

(A) Compression ratio

(B) Wall temperature

(C) Engine speed

(D) None

13-Highest useful compression ratio is the compression ratio at which the engine

(A) gives maximum power output

(B) can operate without detonation

(C) consumes minimum fuel for a particular power output

(D) maintains operating pressure and temperatures within prescribed limits

14-Scavenging air means

(A) air sent under compression

(B) air used for forcing the burnt gases out of the cylinder during the exhaust period

(C) forced air for cooling the engine cylinder

(D) burnt air conditioning combustion products

15-Which is not the effect of detonation?

(A) high operating temperature

(B) loss in efficiency and power output

(C) loud and pulsating noise

(D) high local stresses

16-The power produced inside the cylinder of an IC engine is:

(A) Indicated horse power

(B) brake horse power

(C) frictional horse power

(D) none of the above

17-Morse test is used to determine:

(A) brake horse power

(B) indicated power

(C) mean effective pressure

(D) temperature of exhaust gases

18-For providing correct firing order in spark ignition engines

(A) carburetor is used

(B) ignition coil is used

(C) distributor is used

(D) none of the above

19-The torque given by an engine will be maximum when the engine

(A) runs at maximum speed

(B) develops maximum power

(C) runs at minimum speed

(D) none of the above

20-Compression ratio for petrol engine varies from

(A) 25 to 40

(B) 6 to 10

(C) 10 to 15

(D) 15 to 25


1-(C), 2-(C), 3-(D), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(D), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(B), 10-(A), 11-(C), 12-(C), 13-(C), 14-(B), 15-(D), 16-(A), 17-(B), 18-(C), 19-(B), 20-(B)