MCQ on MS Office

MCQ on MS Office

1-Which of the following option in the file menu is used to save the existing file in another name in MS Word ?

(A) Create

(B) Save

(C) Save as

(D) Rename


2- The default paper size and orientation is

(A) A4 and Portrait

(B) 8.5” × 12” Portrait

(C) 8.5” × 11” Portrait

(D) 8.5” × 11” Landscape


3- Following is used In PowerPoint in order to see all slides in one screen

(A) View, slide

(B) View, slide sorter

(C) View, master

(D) View, slide show


4-The smallest and largest font available in font size tool on the formatting tool bar in MS Word is

(A) 8 and 68

(B) 6 and 72

(C) 8 and 72

(D) 6 and 70


5- Default font used in MS Word 2007 document is

(A) Arial

(B) Times New Roman

(C) Calibri

(D) Bookman Old Style


6- Which of the following section does not exists in a slide layout in PowerPoint?

(A) Titles

(B) Animation

(C) Charts

(D) Lists


7- The purpose of ruler in MS Word is to

(A) set tabs

(B) set indent

(C) change page margin

(D) All of the above


8- Hyperlinks cannot be used for

(A) Special shapes like stars and banners

(B) Drawing objects like rectangles and ovals

(C) Pictures

(D) All can be hyperlinks.


9- Which of the following key does not move the slides during slide show?

(A) Enter

(B) Space bar

(C) Esc

(D) Mouse click button


10- The option which helps in directly moving to the specified location in a document is

(A) Cross reference

(B) Mark citation

(C) Header and footer

(D) Book marks



1-(C), 2-(C), 3-(B), 4-(C), 5-(C), 6-(D), 7-(D), 8-(D), 9-(C), 10-(D)