MCQ on Principles and Practices of Management (PPM)

MCQ on Principles and Practices of Management (PPM)

1- It is said that always lines of _____ should be open.

(A) Production

(B) Communication

(C) Business

(D) None of the above


2- The factor(s) coming under philosophy of scientific management is (are):

(A) Co-operation

(B) Maximum output

(C) Harmony

(D) All of the above


3-________, weakness, threats, opportunities are the long form SWOT analysis.

(A) Strength

(B) Standard

(C) Strategy

(D) Structure


4- One of the external environment factors that influences Management is

(A) Socio-cultural

(B) Technical

(C) Legal

(D) Political


5- Which law states that ‘you get what you deserve and not what you desire’

(A) Law of demand

(B) Law of destiny

(C) Law of supply

(D) None of the above


6- Whose feelings and difficulties should the manager know for direction to become effective?

(A) Subordinates

(B) Family

(C) Society

(D) Management


7- Delegation becomes a necessity due to the following reason(s):

(A) Structure of authority

(B) Accountability

(C) Superiors need to address important issues

(D) All of the above


8- Limitation(s) of control is (are)

(A) External factors

(B) Fixing of responsibility

(C) Variation and its causes

(D) All of the above


9- Positive motivation makes people willing to do their work in the best way they can and improve their ________.

(A) Efficiency

(B) Performance

(C) Skills

(D) Worth


10- Learning organizations are adaptive to their________ environment

(A) Internal

(B) External

(C) Working

(D) None of the above



1-(B), 2-(D), 3-(A), 4-(C), 5-(B), 6-(A), 7-(D), 8-(D), 9-(B), 10-(B)