MCQ on Production Technology

MCQ on Production Technology

1-Draft on pattern for casting is:

(A) to allow shrinkage of metal

(B) identification number

(C) for machining the surface

(D) taper to facilitate its removal from mould

2-Seam welding is a:

(A) arc welding process

(B) multi spot welding process

(C) continuous spot welding process

(D) process used for joining round bars

3-The following welding process uses consumable electrode:

(A) Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding

(B) Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding

(C) Thermit welding

(D) Resistance welding

4-Continuos chips are formed during machining of:

(A) copper

(B) mild steel

(C) aluminium

(D) all of the above

5-Phosphor bronze has

(A) high resistance to corrosion

(B) good wearing qualities and high elasticity

(C) valuable cold working properties

(D) all of the above

6-In orthogonal cutting system the:

(A) cutting tool prepares a surface parallel to the work force

(B) chip flows over the tool face and direction of the chip flow velocity is normal to the cutting edge

(C) maximum chip thickness occurs at the middle

(D) all of the above

7-A twist drill is a

(A) end cutting tool

(B) side cutting tool

(C) front cutting tool

(D) front and side cutting tool

8-Following process is used to make large and heavy castings:

(A) green sand moulding

(B) dry sand moulding

(C) pressure moulding

(D) machine moulding

9-Grey cast iron is best welded by:

(A) Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding

(B) Arc welding

(C) Oxy-acetylene welding

(D) Submerged arc welding

10-Slag inclusion in casting is a:

(A) surface defect

(B) internal defect

(C) crack

(D) notch

11-Wax pattern is used in

(A) die casting

(B) shell moulding

(C) investment casting

(D) plaster boards

12-In compound dies

(A) two or more cutting operations can be performed simultaneously

(B) cutting and forming operations are combined and carried out in single operation

(C) work piece moves from one station to other with separate operation performed at each station

(D) all of the above

13-Chip breaker are provided on cutting tools:

(A) for safety of operator

(B) to minimize heat generation

(C) permit short segmented chips

(D) increase tool life

14-White metal is an alloy of lead with

(A) Aluminium

(B) Zinc

(C) Tin

(D) Bismuth

15-The forging of steel specimen is done at a temperature of:

(A) 400°C

(B) 800°C

(C) 1100°C

(D) 1500°C

16-Which one of the following is not an application of forging?

(A) Rail sections

(B) Chisels

(C) Brake pedal of an automobile

(D) Steel balls of ball bearing

17-The process of removing the burrs or flash from a forged component in drop forging is called:

(A) Swaging

(B) Trimming

(C) Perforating

(D) Fettling

18-The electric resistance welding operates with

(A) Low current and high voltage

(B) High current and low voltage

(C) Low current and low voltage

(D) High current and high voltage

19-Spot welding, projection welding and seam welding belong to the category of:

(A) Arc welding

(B) Thermit welding

(C) Forge welding

(D) Resistance welding

20-The number of zones of heat generation in spot welding are:

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 5

(D) 7

21-Which one of the following is not s fusion welding process?

(A) Gas welding

(B) Arc welding

(C) Resistance welding

(D) Brazing

22-The ratio between oxygen and acetylene gases for neutral flame in gas welding is:

(A) 2:1

(B) 1:1

(C) 1:2

(D) 4:1

23-The current value in the arc welding is decided by:

(A) Speed of travel

(B) Plate thickness

(C) Welded length

(D) Electrode size

24-Pool of molten metal is used in which of the following welding methods?

(A) Submerged arc welding

(B) Resistance welding

(C) Plasma welding

(D) None of the above

25-Vacuum environment is required in:

(A) Ultrasonic welding

(B) Laser beam welding

(C) Electron beam welding

(D) None of the above

26-High speed electron beam of electron beam welding is focused on the weld spot using:

(A) Vacuum lens

(B) Inert gas lens

(C) Optical lens

(D) Magnetic lens

27-Weld spatter is

(A) a welding defect

(B) an electrode

(C) a flux

(D) none of the above


1-(D), 2-(C), 3-(A), 4-(D), 5-(D), 6-(D), 7-(D), 8-(D), 9-(C), 10-(A), 11-(C), 12-(A), 13-(C), 14-(C), 15-(C), 16-(A), 17-(B), 18-(B), 19-(D), 20-(D), 21-(C), 22-(B), 23-(D), 24-(A), 25-(C), 26-(D), 27-(A)