MCQ on Profit and Loss

MCQ on Profit and Loss

1-A bookseller sold 500 copies of a book at a profit of 20 %. If he gains a profit of Rs. 5/book, what is the cost price of the book?

(A) Rs. 25

(B) Rs. 50

(C) Rs. 75

(D) Rs. 100


2-Raman purchased 10 toys at the rate of Rs. 400 per toy. He sold each one of them at the rate of Rs. 55. What was his profit or loss?

(A) Profit of Rs. 10

(B) Loss of Rs. 10

(C) Profit of Rs. 15

(D) Loss of Rs. 15


3-A land broker purchases a land for Rs.1,50,000 and sold for Rs 2,20,000. Find his gain percent.

(A) 35.2%

(B) 37.1%

(C) 45.7%

(D) 46.7%


4-What is the selling price of an article whose original price is if the article is sold at 15% loss?

(A) Rs. 94.75

(B) Rs. 535.50

(C) Rs. 599.50

(D) Rs. 724.75


5-A shopkeeper sold a shirt for Rs. 1250. If the cost price of the shirt Rs.980, find the profit percent.

(A) 25.55%

(B) 26.55%

(C) 27.55%

(D) 28.55%


6-What is the profit percentage of a shopkeeper if the selling price is four times the value of 1/3rd of the buying price?

(A) 13.33%

(B) 23.33%

(C) 33.33%

(D) 66.67%


7-Rahul purchased a jacket for Rs 500 while its original price was Rs 700. He also purchased a shirt for Rs 200, the cost price of which was Rs 400. Calculate the total profit Rahul made.

(A) Rs. 200

(B) Rs. 300

(C) Rs. 400

(D) Rs. 500


8-If the cost price of 60 guavas is equal to the selling price of 45 guavas, what is the profit percent in this transaction?

(A) 31.33

(B) 32.33

(C) 33.33

(D) 34.33


9-The farmer sells a cow for Rs. 15000 and got a profit percentage of 50 %. Find the cost price of the cow?

(A) Rs. 10,000

(B) Rs. 12,000

(C) Rs. 12,500

(D) Rs. 14,500


10-A soft toy was sold at a gain of 8%. Had it been sold for Rs.36 more, the gain would have been 12%. Find the cost price of the soft toy?

(A) Rs. 600

(B) Rs. 900

(C) Rs. 1200

(D) Rs. 1500



1-(A), 2-(C), 3-(D), 4-(B), 5-(C), 6-(C), 7-(C), 8-(C), 9-(A), 10-(B)