MCQ Questions on General Knowledge

MCQ Questions on General Knowledge

1-Common salt is made up of

(A) Strong acid and weak base

(B) Strong acid and strong base

(C) Weak acid and weak base

(D) Weak acid and strong base


2-Loamy Podzols is the

(A) Saline soil

(B) Black soil

(C) Red soil

(D) Mountain soil


3-The time of reverberation can be decreased by

(A) Having a number of loud speakers

(B) Choosing a bigger hall

(C) Speaking aloud

(D) Opening all the doors and windows


4-After ovulation endocrine part of ovary is known as

(A) Corpus albicans

(B) Corpus luteum

(C) Corpus callosum

(D) Corpus Spongioum


5-The ecology of individual organisms (or) species is called

(A) Population ecology

(B) Auto ecology

(C) Habitat ecology

(D) Synecology


6-United Nations University is situated in?

(A) Geneva

(B) New York

(C) The Hague

(D) Tokyo


7-Expansion of DDT is

(A) Dichloro diphenyl tetrachloro ethane

(B) Dimethyl diphenyl trichloro ethane

(C) Dichloro diphenyl trichloro ethylene

(D) Dichloro diphenyl trichloro ethane


8-Match the following

List-I List-II
a.       Hemophilia 1.       Female
b.       Y-Linked 2.       Christmas disease
c.       Barr bodies 3.       Chromosomes
d.       XX 4.       Holandric gene

Which of the following is correct?

(A) 2-a, 4-b, 1-c, 3-d

(B) 1-a, 2-b, 4-c, c-3

(C) 4-a, 3-b, 2-c, 1-d

(D) 3-a, 4-b, 1-c, 2-d


9-Which of the following elements are called metalloids?

(A) Ge, As, Sb

(B) Se, I, Te

(C) In, Pb, Sn

(D) Al, Mg, Na


10-The following statement is not correct.

(A) Crude oil Overlain with gases

(B) The origin of crude oil is considered to be organic

(C) Crude oil is found in metamorphic rocks

(D) Crude oil is found at the place of formation



1-(B), 2-(D), 3-(D), 4-(B), 5-(B), 6-(D), 7-(D), 8-(A), 9-(A), 10-(C)