MCQ Questions on Industrial Engineering

MCQ Questions on Industrial Engineering

1-A process oriented layout

(A) seeks the best machine utilization in continuous production

(B) deals with low volume, high variety production

(C) addresses the layout requirements of large bulky projects such as ships and buildings

(D) allocates shelf space based on customer behavior


2-Productivity decreases when:

(A) Inputs and outputs, both increase by same amount

(B) Outputs increase when inputs remain the same

(C) Inputs increase while output remains the same

(D) Inputs decrease while outputs remain the same


3-The critical path in a project activities network refers to:

(A) path with maximum slack

(B) path with most activities

(C) longest time path through the network

(D) path with the fewest activities


4-Critical Ratio, CR >1 means:

(A) Job is behind schedule

(B) Job is ahead of schedule

(C) Cannot make such inferences as it is related to project management

(D) Job is just on time


5-Kanban is the Japanese word for:

(A) Continuous improvement

(B) Quality

(C) Productivity

(D) Card


6- The scheduling rule that will clear rush of jobs from the work space quickly is:

(A) First Come First Serve (FCFS) first

(B) Last Come First Serve (LCFS) first

(C) Shortest Processing Time (SPT) first

(D) Longest Processing Time (LPT) first



(A) Can use many factors as numerator

(B) Can only be expressed as units produced per hour

(C) Is same as efficiency

(D) Can be expressed in dimensionless form


8-A lot sizing policy that orders on a predetermined time interval with the order quantity equal to the total of interval’s requirement is:

(A) periodic order quantity

(B) economic order quantity

(C) lot for lot policy

(D) part period balancing


9- The job that should be scheduled last when using Johnson’s rule is the job with the:

(A) smallest total processing time on both machines

(B) largest total processing time on both machines

(C) largest activity time if it lies with the second machine

(D) shortest activity time if it lies with the second machine


10-Aggregate production planning caters to

(A) medium range production plans

(B) detailed production schedules

(C) revenue management plans

(D) short range production plans


11- ABC analysis divides on-hand inventory into three classes, based on:

(A) annual dollar value

(B) lead time

(C) unit price

(D) annual demand


12- Venture capital is concerned with:

(A) New project having high risk

(B) New project having potential for higher profit

(C) New project of high technology

(D) All choices are correct



1-(B), 2-(C), 3-(C), 4-(B), 5-(D), 6-(C), 7-(D), 8-(A), 9-(D), 10-(A), 11-(A), 12-(B)