MCQ Questions on International Monetary Fund (IMF)

MCQ Questions on International Monetary Fund (IMF)

1-The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established by an international treaty in ___

(A) 1942

(B) 1943

(C) 1944

(D) 1945


2-The Headquarter of International Monetary Fund is in

(A) Vienna (Austria)

(B) Washington DC (USA)

(C) Paris (France)

(D) New York (USA)


3-International Monetary System is a system of international

(A) payments

(B) exchange rates

(C) both (A) and (B)

(D) none of the above


4-The IMF was conceived in July 1944 at an international conference held in


(B) England

(C) France

(D) Germany


5-In December 1945, the IMF came into existence with the following number of countries signed its Articles of Agreement.

(A) 29

(B) 30

(C) 31

(D) 32


6-The purpose of IMF is to

(A) To promote international monetary cooperation

(B) To facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of international trade

(C) To promote exchange stability

(D) all of the above


7-The IMF focuses mainly on a country’s ___ policies.

(A) macroeconomic

(B) microeconomic

(C) both (A) and (B)

(D) none of the above


8-The Board of Governors are represented by

(A) 12 members

(B) 24 members

(C) 36 members

(D) all member countries


9-The highest authority governing the IMF, is

(A) Board of Governors

(B) Executive Board

(C) Managing Director

(D) none of the above


10-The Executive board of IMF consists of ___ members.

(A) 12

(B) 24

(C) 36

(D) 48


11-A member’s quota delineates basic aspects of its financial and organizational relationship with the IMF, including:

(A) Voting power

(B) Access to financing

(C) SDR allocations

(D) all of the above


12-The IMF serve its members by

(A) advising them on their economic policies;

(B) lending them hard currencies to support adjustment and reform policies

(C) offering a wide range of technical assistance

(D) all of the above


13-The World Bank is one of the world’s largest sources of finance and knowledge to its member countries to

(A) protect the environment

(B) provide water and electricity

(C) improve the condition of health centres

(D) all of the above


14-World Bank is known as

(A) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

(B) International Bank for Construction and Development

(C) International Bank for Cooperation and Development

(D) none of the above


15-IBRD offers following type of loan(s).

(A) Investment loans

(B) Development policy loans

(C) both (A) and (B)

(D) Construction loan


16-IBRD provides

(A) Loans

(B) Grants

(C) Analytic and Advisory Services

(D) All of the above


17-The Headquarter of World Bank is in

(A) Geneva

(B) Paris

(C) New York

(D) Washington DC


18-Following is the soft loan section of the World Bank

(A) International Development Association (IDA)

(B) International Finance Corporation (IFC)

(C) Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

(D) all of the above


19-Headquarter of Asian Development Bank (ADB) is in

(A) Bangkok

(B) Singapore

(C) Beijing

(D) Manila


20-Asian Development Bank (ADB) has the following objective(s)

(A) Environmental Protection

(B) Economic Growth

(C) Human Development

(D) All of the above



1-(D), 2-(B), 3-(C), 4-(A), 5-(A), 6-(D), 7-(A), 8-(D), 9-(A), 10-(B), 11-(D), 12-(D), 13-(D), 14-(A), 15-(C), 16-(D), 17-(D), 18-(A), 19-(D), 20-(D)