MCQ Questions on Mechanical Engineering

MCQ Questions on Mechanical Engineering

1-The ignition quality of a petrol engine is expressed as:

(A) Cetane number

(B) Octane number

(C) SAE rating

(D) API gravity

2-The throttling process in a refrigeration cycle is:

(A) isentropic

(B) isobaric

(C) isochoric

(D) isenthalpic

3-For the same temperature limits, the COP of a refrigerator is 4, then the COP of a heat pump equals

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

4-In a critical path, slack is equal to

(A) Project time

(B) Minimum project time

(C) Maximum project time

(D) Zero

5-Which of the following statements is true for the term Break Even Point (B.E.P.) analysis?

(A) It calculates the profit at B.E.P.

(B) Net revenue at B.E.P. is calculated for calculating profit %

(C) It calculates the volume of output at which neither loss nor profit occurs

(D) It is used to forecast the net sales with 10% profit

6-Which of the following technique in quality control helps to keep the number of defects or imperfections per unit of product?

(A) X chart

(B) C chart

(C) R chart

(D) P chart

7-Which of the following terms is most appropriate to describe the basic elements of movements or fundamental hand motions of the work cycle?

(A) Work study

(B) Tool study

(C) Therbligs

(D) Macroscopic motion study

8-Thermal power stations are located near:

(A) River / Oceans

(B) Collieries

(C) Metro cities

(D) Wet fertile land

9-Which of the following deals with the comfort of human body to get the maximum output and minimum strain?

(A) Physiology

(B) Psychology

(C) Economics

(D) Ergonomics

10-The structure of Gamma Iron formed between 910°C and 1400°C is:




(D) None of the above


1-(B), 2-(D), 3-(D), 4-(D), 5-(C), 6-(B), 7-(C), 8-(B), 9-(D), 10-(B)

11-Purest form of iron is:

(A) Pig iron

(B) Cast iron

(C) Wrought iron

(D) Puddled iron

12-In which of the following welding technique a separate electrode is used to maintain the electric arc which should not touch the work/filler material?

(A) Manual arc welding

(B) Submerged arc welding



13-Which of the following tool materials is the hardest, next to diamond?

(A) Tungsten carbide

(B) CBN (Carbon Boron Nitride)

(C) Ceramics

(D) Titanium carbide

14-In Flexible Manufacturing System:

(A) Machines are flexible

(B) Cutting tools are flexible

(C) Machines as well as cutting tools are flexible

(D) Work-machine schedule in flexible during production

15-Which of the following is true when the rake angle of a cutting edge increases?

(A) Tool strength reduces and chip flow resistance increases

(B) Tool strength increases and smooth chip flow

(C) Tool strength reduced and chip flow resistance reduces

(D) Tool strength increases and chip flow resistance increase

16-Speed of air craft can be measured by:

(A) Tachometer

(B) Pressure gauge

(C) Pitot tube

(D) Ultrasonic flow meter

17-Which of the following sense the elastic deformation of a hollow tube with elliptical cross section and bent in the form of an arc during pressure measurement?

(A) Piezometer tube

(B) Bordon’s tube pressure gauge

(C) U-tube manometer

(D) Differential manometer

18-Cavitation in centrifugal pump results in:

(A) Damage of impeller due to pitting

(B) Highest possible efficiency

(C) Increasing fluid temperature

(D) Increasing fluid pressure

19-Maximum deflection of a cantilever beam with point load ‘P’ at free end is:

(A) (PL3)/(3EI) at fixed end

(B) (PL3)/(3EI) at free end

(C) (PL4)/(8EI) at fixed end

(D) (PL4)/(32EI) at fixed end

20-Simple theory of elastic bending (with usual notation) is:

(A) M/I = f/Y = E/R

(B) M/I = Y/f = E/R

(C) I/M = Y/f = E/R

(D) I/M = f/Y = E/R


11-(C), 12-(D), 13-(B), 14-(D), 15-(C), 16-(C), 17-(B), 18-(A), 19-(B), 20-(A)

21-Ratio of stress to strain is:

(A) % of strain

(B) % of stress

(C) Poisson’s ratio

(D) Modulus of elasticity

22-Thread height (H) of ISO screw thread is related to its pitch (P) by:

(A) H = 0.500P

(B) H = 0.960P

(C) H = 0.860P

(D) H = 1.732P

23-Which of the following operations will produce the lowest surface roughness?

(A) Milling

(B) Lapping

(C) Grinding

(D) Reaming

24-In the hole basis system which one of the following represents a press fit?

(A) H7 p6

(B) H7 h7

(C) H7 f7

(D) H7 g6

25-Unit of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient is:

(A) W/m2K

(B) W/mK

(C) W/K

(D) W/m

26-As temperature increases the conductivity of a metal

(A) increases

(B) decreases

(C) no change

(D) first increases then decreases

27-Galvanization is a process of applying a protective coating on iron with:

(A) Copper

(B) Tin

(C) Aluminium

(D) Zinc

28-The metal present in chlorophyll:

(A) Iron

(B) Zinc

(C) Magnesium

(D) Copper

29-Identify the physical quantity having no dimensions

(A) strain

(B) stress

(C) pressure

(D) modulus of elasticity

30-When a bullet is fired using a gun, it moves back with a velocity called

(A) critical velocity

(B) muzzle velocity

(C) terminal velocity

(D) recoil velocity


21-(D), 22-(C), 23-(B), 24-(A), 25-(A), 26-(B), 27-(D), 28-(C), 29-(D), 30-(D)

31-The working principle of Venturi meter is

(A) Bernoulli’s principle and continuity equation

(B) Archimedes principle

(C) Torricelli’s theorem

(D) Boyle’s law

32-What is the change in Kinetic Energy (KE) of a body if its mass ‘m’ and velocity ‘v’ is doubled?

(A) KE becomes 2 times

(B) KE becomes 4 times

(C) KE becomes 6 times

(D) KE becomes 8 times

33-The Euler’s load for a column is 1 MN and crushing load is 1.5 MN. The Rankine load is

(A) 1 MN

(B) 0.6 MN

(C) 1.5 MN

(D) 2.5 MN

34-The shape of bending moment diagram for a uniform cantilever beam carrying uniformly distributed load over its length is

(A) a hyperbola

(B) a straight line

(C) an ellipse

(D) a parabola

35-Steady flow occurs when:

(A) velocity does not change

(B) pressure does not change

(C) conditions change gradually with time

(D) conditions do not change with time at any point

36-The depth of center of pressure in rectangular lamina of 3m deep fully immersed in a liquid having one side in line with free surface is:

(A) 1m

(B) 1.5m

(C) 2m

(D) 2.5m

37-Pressure in Pascal at a depth of 1 m below the free surface of water will be:

(A) 1 Pa

(B) 9810 Pa

(C) 98.1 Pa

(D) 981 Pa

38-A solid shaft is subjected to a bending moment and twisting moment of 3kNm and 4kNm respectively. The equivalent bending moment is

(A) 4 kNm

(B) 3 kNm

(C) 3.5 kNm

(D) 4.5 kNm

39-The buckling load is maximum for a column if:

(A) one end of the column is fixed and other end is free

(B) both ends of the column are hinged

(C) both ends of the column are fixed

(D) one end of the column is hinged and other end is free

40-Two shafts are made of the same material. The diameter of first is twice that of second. The ratio of power which can be transmitted by first shaft and second is

(A) 1/2

(B) 1/4

(C) 1/8

(D) 1/16


31-(A), 32-(D), 33-(B), 34-(D), 35-(D), 36-(C), 37-(B), 38-(A), 39-(C), 40-(A)