Mechanical Engineering Competitive Exams. Questions

Mechanical Engineering Competitive Exams. Questions

1- Steel balls are manufactured by

(A) Sintering

(B) Cold heading

(C) Machining

(D) Casting


2- The tool used in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is made up of

(A) Brass

(B) Carbide

(C) High Speed Steel

(D) Carbon Boron Nitride


3- Acute angle attachment is available in

(A) Bevel protractor

(B) Angle gauges

(C) Sine bar

(D) Taper plug gauge


4- Auto collimators are used to check

(A) roundness

(B) flatness

(C) straightness

(D) none of the above


5- Deep drawing process can be performed by using

(A) Screw press

(B) Triple action press

(C) Double action press

(D) Single action press


6- Which of the following light is used by Auto collimators?

(A) Infrared light

(B) Mercury light  

(C) Monochromatic light

(D) White light


7- The machine used to carry out spinning operation is

(A) Milling machine

(B) Lathe machine

(C) Grinding machine

(D) Pneumatic press


8- Which of the following casting process is used for making ornaments, statue and toys?

(A) Centrifugal casting

(B) Continuous casting

(C) Slush casting

(D) Die casting


9- Roughness grade symbol  of three triangles correspond to which of the roughness grade number?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four


10- ATC in CNC machine tool stands for

(A) Automatic Tool Coding

(B) Automatic Table Contour

(C) Automatic Tool Changer

(D) Automatic Tool control


11- Sweep patterns are used for moulding parts having ___ shape.

(A) Symmetrical

(B) Square

(C) Complex shape

(D) Rectangular


12- Crater wear of single point cutting tool appears due to

(A) diffusion

(B) impact

(C) corrosion

(D) fatigue


13- In 4 high roll mill, the bigger rolls are called

(A) main rolls

(B) support rolls

(C) guide rolls

(D) back up rolls


14- Which of the following process belongs to forging operation?

(A) Piercing

(B) Drawing

(C) Spinning

(D) Fullering


15- Continuous chips are formed during machining at

(A) high speed and low feed

(B) high speed and high feed

(C) low speed and low feed

(D) low speed and high feed


16- Following theory is used for brittle materials.

(A) Distortion energy theory

(B) Maximum shear stress theory

(C) Maximum normal stress theory

(D) None of the above


17- Collapsible tubes are manufactured by

(A) Impact extrusion

(B) Hydrostatic extrusion

(C) Indirect extrusion

(D) Direct extrusion


18- Which of the following operations can produce very accurate threads?

(A) Chasing

(B) Rolling

(C) Grinding

(D) Milling


19- In automobiles, the power is transmitted from gear box to differential through

(A) flange coupling

(B) universal joint

(C) knuckle joint

(D) any of the above


20- The ratio of Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) and Aluminium (Al) in thermite is

(A) 3:1

(B) 2:1

(C) 1:1

(D) 1:2



1-(B), 2-(A), 3-(A), 4-(B), 5-(B), 6-(D), 7-(B), 8-(C), 9-(D), 10-(C), 11-(A), 12-(A), 13-(D), 14-(D), 15-(A), 16-(C), 17-(A), 18-(C), 19-(B), 20-(A)