Mechanical Engineering MCQ Questions

Mechanical Engineering MCQ Questions

1-Cross head is used to connect

(A) Piston rod and small end of connecting rod

(B) Piston and crank

(C) Connecting rod and crank

(D) None of the above

2-Screw jack is operated by

(A) using tommy bar

(B) Handle

(C) Lever

(D) Spanner

3-A solid having four equal equilateral triangular faces

(A) Cube

(B) Square prism

(C) Tetrahedron

(D) Square

4-If the surface is ___ to the plane of projection, the resulting projection will be the true shape of surface.

(A) Parallel

(B) Perpendicular

(C) Inclined

(D) Any of the above

5-Eccentrcity is always less than one for

(A) Ellipse

(B) Parabola

(C) Hyperbola

(D) Helix

6-The curve generated by the point on the circumference of a circle, rolling along inside the another circle, is called:

(A) Hypocycloid

(B) Epi-cycloid

(C) Cycloid

(D) Involute

7-For getting higher hardness of pencil leads, ___ is added more.

(A) Graphite

(B) Kaolin

(C) Carbon

(D) Wax

8-Journal bearing can only support:

(A) Axial load

(B) Radial load

(C) Inclined load

(D) None of the above

9-An Oldham coupling connects two shafts, when they are:

(A) Intersecting

(B) Parallel

(C) Co-axial

(D) Inclined

10-In a screw thread profile, the ___ diameter is equal to the major diameter minus single depth.

(A) Core

(B) Crest

(C) Pitch

(D) Nominal


1-(A), 2-(C), 3-(C), 4-(A), 5-(A), 6-(A), 7-(A), 8-(A), 9-(B), 10-(C)

11-The beam compass is also known as:

(A) Wing compass

(B) Divider

(C) Trammel

(D) Hermaphrodite caliper

12-Which flux is known as killed spirit?

(A) Muriatic acid

(B) Hydrochloric acid

(C) Resin

(D) Zinc chloride

13-While normalizing the components should be cooled:

(A) by dipping in water

(B) by forced air

(C) by quenching in oil

(D) in still air to room temperature

14-Which head is used to set any required angle in the combination set?

(A) Square set

(B) Centre head

(C) Protractor head

(D) Rule

15-___ is the process of cutting a closed outside contour of a shape:

(A) Notching

(B) Slitting

(C) Piercing

(D) Blanking

16-Pipe size is generally specified by its:

(A) Outer diameter

(B) Inner diameter

(C) Outer diameter and wall thickness

(D) Inner diameter and wall thickness

17-___ is used to close an internally threaded pipe:

(A) Cap

(B) Nipple

(C) Flange

(D) Plug

18-One British thermal unit is ___ calories:

(A) 453.6 calories

(B) 252 calories

(C) 4200 calories

(D) 1.8 calories

19-Which of the following is an example of first order lever?

(A) Wheel barrow

(B) Common balance

(C) Tongs

(D) Nut cracker

20-When a solid immersed in liquid, the upward thrust experienced by it is called:

(A) Floatation

(B) Buoyancy

(C) Relative density

(D) Density


11-(C), 12-(D), 13-(D), 14-(C), 15-(A), 16-(B), 17-(D), 18-(B), 19-(B), 20-(B)

21-Which steel is used to make magnet?

(A) High carbon steel

(B) High speed steel

(C) Vanadium steel

(D) Cobalt steel

22-Which is not the law of limiting friction?

(A) Directly proportional to the normal reaction

(B) Dependent on the thickness of the surface in contact

(C) Dependent upon the surface in contact

(D) Independent of the area of the surface

23-Principle of lever:

(A) load X load arm = effort X effort arm

(B) load X load arm = effort arm

(C) load effort

(D) load X effort arm = effort X load

24-Very small circles are drawn by means of

(A) Wing compass

(B) Small bow compass

(C) Drop bow compass

(D) Pro-circle

25-The length of an arrow head used for dimensioning is ___ times its width.

(A) one

(B) two

(C) three

(D) four

26-___ is the part of circle between any two points on the circumference.

(A) Sector

(B) Semi-circle

(C) Segment

(D) Arc

27-For ___ files the width is constant.

(A) Flat

(B) Round

(C) Square

(D) Hand

28-Feeler gauge are used to:

(A) Check the radius of a curved surface

(B) Check the thickness of plate

(C) Check the gap between the mating surface

(D) Checking taper

29-A metal plate of thickness less than ___ is considered as sheet.

(A) 1 mm

(B) 2 mm

(C) 3 mm

(D) 4 mm

30-The size of the vice is usually specified by:

(A) The length of movable jaw

(B) The width of the jaw

(C) The maximum distance that can be opened between the jaw

(D) Weight of the vice


21-(D), 22-(B), 23-(A), 24-(B), 25-(C), 26-(D), 27-(A), 28-(C), 29-(C), 30-(B)

31-Keys are classified according to the relative position of the shaft and

(A) Length of shaft

(B) Diameter of hub hole

(C) Cross section of the key

(D) Diameter of the shaft

32-The coordination number of FCC crystal structure is:

(A) 4

(B) 6

(C) 8

(D) 12

33-According to Gibb’s phase rule, the number of degrees of freedom of a two component, three phase system is:

(A) 0

(B) 1

(C) 2

(D) 3

34-Which one of the following is correct for Berger’s vector in screw dislocation?

(A) perpendicular to the dislocation line

(B) parallel to the dislocation line

(C) inclined to the dislocation line

(D) opposite to the dislocation line

35-In high speed steels, the alloying element with maximum percentage is:

(A) Vanadium

(B) Nickel

(C) Tungsten

(D) Silicon

36-In electric arc welding, arc is created by:

(A) current

(B) voltage

(C) frequency

(D) contact resistance

37-Tool life is affected mainly with:

(A) depth of cut

(B) feed

(C) cutting speed

(D) coolant

38-The surface roughness on a drawing is represented by:

(A) circles

(B) triangles

(C) squares

(D) zig-zag line

39-The optimum value of the helix angle of a drill is:

(A) 10°

(B) 20°

(C) 30°

(D) 40°

40-Auto-collimator is used for measuring:

(A) roughness

(B) flatness

(C) automobile balancing

(D) small angle


31-(C), 32-(D), 33-(B), 34-(B), 35-(C), 36-(D), 37-(C), 38-(B), 39-(C), 40-(D)

41-The density of one liter of petrol of specific gravity 0.7 is:

(A) 600 kg/m3

(B) 600 N/m3

(C) 700 kg/m3

(D) 700 N/m3

42-Whirl pool in a river is an example of:

(A) forced vortex flow

(B) free vortex flow

(C) irrotational flow

(D) viscous flow

43-Bernoulli’s equation is

(A) momentum equation

(B) energy equation

(C) force equation

(D) mass equation

44-The equation of motion for a viscous fluid is known as:

(A) Euler’s equation

(B) Bernoulli’s equation

(C) Reynold’s equation

(D) Navier-Stroke’s equation

45-Darcy’s friction factor in a pipe flow corresponds to a Reynold’s number of 2000 is:

(A) 0.016

(B) 0.032

(C) 0.32

(D) 0.16

46-Pitot tube is used for measuring:

(A) discharge

(B) velocity

(C) viscosity

(D) pressure

47-The slip in a reciprocating pump is:

(A) positive

(B) negative

(C) zero

(D) positive or negative

48-Modern Francis turbine is essentially a

(A) Tangential flow turbine

(B) Mixed flow turbine

(C) Axial flow turbine

(D) Radial flow turbine

49-The ratio of pressure force to inertia force is known as:

(A) Reynold’s number

(B) Froude’s number

(C) Weber number

(D) Euler’s number

50-Series operation of a centrifugal pump results in:

(A) high head

(B) high discharge

(C) high speed

(D) reduced power consumption


41-(C), 42-(B), 43-(B), 44-(A), 45-(B), 46-(B), 47-(B), 48-(B), 49-(D), 50-(A)