Mechanical Engineering MCQ

11-Maximum fluctuation of energy is the

(A) Sum of maximum and minimum energies

(B) Difference between maximum and minimum energies

(C) Ratio of maximum and minimum energies

(D) Ratio of mean resisting torque to the work done per cycle


12-Which property is needed for materials, used in tools and machines?

(A) Plasticity

(B) Ductility

(C) Elasticity

(D) Malleability


13-Bernoulli’s theorem for liquid is applicable for which of the following?

(A) Viscous fluids

(B) Incompressible fluids

(C) Compressible fluids

(D) Turbulent flow


14-Which of the following is an example of a pendulum type governor?

(A) Hartnell governor

(B) Porter governor

(C) Pickering governor

(D) Watt governor


15-Which of the following is added to aluminium to increase its casting ability?

(A) Copper

(B) Magnesium

(C) Silicon

(D) Lead and Bismuth


16-For optimum level of quality, which of the following cost should be minimum?

(A) Direct cost

(B) Indirect cost

(C) Appraisal cost

(D) Total cost


17-A high speed diesel engine theoretically operates on

(A) Constant temperature cycle

(B) Constant pressure cycle

(C) Constant entropy cycle

(D) Mixed cycle of constant pressure and constant volume


18-The process capability indicates that the product produced will be in the range of

(A) ±σ limits

(B) ±3σ limits

(C) ±4σ limits

(D) ±6σ limits


19-The difference between actual sales and breakeven point is known as

(A) Margin of safety

(B) Price-cost margin

(C) Contribution

(D) Profit


20-The refrigerant R-717 is

(A) Air

(B) Water

(C) Ammonia

(D) Carbon dioxide



11-(B), 12-(C), 13-(B), 14-(D), 15-(C), 16-(D), 17-(D), 18-(B), 19-(A), 20-(C)