Mechanical Engineering MCQ

21-A shaft turns 150 rpm under a torque of 1500 Nm. The power transmitted is

(A) 5π kW

(B) 7.5π kW

(C) 10π kW

(D) 15π Kw


22-What is the ratio of Inertia force to viscous force called?

(A) Mach’s number

(B) Froude number

(C) Weber number

(D) Reynold’s number


23-Crowning on pulley helps

(A) In decreasing the slip of the belt

(B) In increasing the slip of the belt

(C) To increase pulley life

(D) To decrease pulley life


24-Productivity can be improved by

(A) Increasing inputs for constant outputs

(B) Decreasing outputs for constant inputs

(C) Increasing inputs and outputs both in same proportion

(D) Decreasing inputs for constant outputs


25-Which of the following is a part of the steering linkage?

(A) Pitman arm

(B) Wheel rim

(C) Backing plate

(D) Master cylinder


26-The initial clearance left between the leaves in a laminated leaf spring is known as

(A) Clearance

(B) Gap

(C) Nip

(D) Void


27-The working of hydraulic brake system follows

(A) The Pascal’s law of hydraulics

(B) The Bernoulli’s principle

(C) The Newton’s law of cooling

(D) The Archimedes principle


28-The magnitude of buoyant force can be determined by:

(A) Newton’s second law of motion

(B) Archimedes principle

(C) Principle of moments

(D) Newton’s third law of motion


29-Which of the following chucks in lathe machine is known as Universal Chuck?

(A) Magnetic Chuck

(B) Face plate

(C) Three jaws chuck

(D) Four jaws chuck


30-Heating of dry steam above saturation temperature is known as

(A) Superheating

(B) Supersaturation

(C) Super tempering

(D) Saturation heating



21-(D), 22-(D), 23-(A), 24-(D), 25-(A), 26-(C), 27-(A), 28-(B), 29-(C), 30-(A)