Mechanical Engineering MCQ

41- The value of initial tension in belts is equal to

(A) Tension in the tight side of the belt

(B) Tension in the slack side of the belt

(C) Sum of the tension in the tight side and slack side of the belt

(D) Average tension of the tight side and slack side of the belt


42- Which of the following mathematical distribution is used in p-chart?

(A) Normal distribution

(B) Binomial distribution

(C) Poisson distribution

(D) Exponential distribution


43- Which amongst the following is an inversion of double slider Crank chain?

(A) Engine indicator

(B) Elliptical trammel

(C) Quick returns motion

(D) Coupled wheels of a locomotive


44- Isochoric process is also known as

(A) Constant volume process

(B) Constant temperature process

(C) Constant pressure process

(D) Constant enthalpy process


45- Gear in mass, manufactured by

(A) Shaping

(B) Milling

(C) Hobbing

(D) Forming


46- Johnson’s rule is used for

(A) Sequencing problem

(B) Assignment problem

(C) Aggregate planning

(D) Scheduling


47- The ratio of aluminium and iron oxide in Thermit welding is

(A) 1.5:1

(B) 2:1

(C) 2.5:1

(D) 1:3


48- Which of the following is also known as a constant volume cycle?

(A) Carnot cycle

(B) Otto cycle

(C) Diesel cycle

(D) Dual combustion cycle


49- Zipper as a surface defect occurs in

(A) Casting process

(B) Welding process

(C) Machining process

(D) Rolling process


50- One kg of steam sample contains 0.8 kg dry steam. Calculate its dryness fraction.

(A) 0.2

(B) 0.6

(C) 0.8

(D) 1



41-(D), 42-(B), 43-(B), 44-(A), 45-(C), 46-(A), 47-(D), 48-(B), 49-(D), 50-(C)