Mechanical Engineering MCQ

51-If a body is at thermal equilibrium, then:-

(A) Emissivity < absorptivity

(B) Emissivity > absorptivity

(C) Emissivity = absorptivity

(D) None of the above


52-In a low speed S.I. engine, the inlet valve closes approximately:-

(A) 40° after BDC

(B) 30° before BDC

(C) 10° after BDC

(D) 10° before BDC


53-The function of fuel injector is to:-

(A) Pump the fuel at high pressure

(B) Mix diesel with air

(C) Atomize the fuel

(D) Ignite the fuel


54-The function of carburetor is to:-

(A) Refining the fuel

(B) Increase the pressure of fuel vapors

(C) Inject petrol in cylinder

(D) Atomize and vaporize the fuel and to mix it with air in proper ratio


55-In S.I. engine, the throttle valve of carburetor controls the quantity of:-

(A) Fuel

(B) Air

(C) Fuel and air mixture

(D) Lubricating oil


56-The function of a hydraulic turbine is to convert water energy into:-

(A) Heat energy

(B) Electrical energy

(C) Atomic Energy

(D) Mechanical energy


57-The type of turbine recommended for a head of 10 meter is:-

(A) Francis turbine

(B) Kaplan turbine

(C) Pelton turbine

(D) None of the above


58-The gas which is used as a coolant in a nuclear power plant is:-

(A) Freon

(B) Ammonia

(C) Helium

(D) Chlorine


59-The function of a reflector in nuclear power plant is to:-

(A) Reflect heat

(B) Reflect light

(C) Reflect the escaping neutrons back into the core

(D) None of the above


60-Which of the refrigerant is more toxic?

(A) Carbon dioxide

(B) Ammonia

(C) Freon-12

(D) Freon-22



51-(C), 52-(C), 53-(A), 54-(D), 55-(C), 56-(D), 57-(B), 58-(C), 59-(C), 60-(C)