Mechanical Engineering Questions

56-If the dryness fraction of steam (x) is less than ‘1’, then the steam is called

(A) Dry steam

(B) Wet steam

(C) Super heated steam

(D) Both (A) and (B)


57-The ratio of maximum fluctuation of energy to the work done per cycle is called as

(A) fluctuation of energy

(B) coefficient of fluctuation of speed

(C) coefficient of fluctuation of energy

(D) fluctuation of speed


58-An allowance of time given to worker, who is working on more than two machines at a time, is called

(A) Contingence allowance

(B) Process allowance

(C) Interference allowance

(D) Fatigue allowance


59-The area under P-V diagram of any thermodynamic process represents

(A) Heat rejection

(B) Heat absorption

(C) Work done

(D) Heat supplied


60-The symbol ‘circle’ indicates in work study is

(A) Operation

(B) Inspection

(C) Transport

(D) Storage


61-Core in the centrifugal casting is made of

(A) Carbon steel

(B) Core sand

(C) Wax

(D) No core is used


62-In cams, the point on pitch curve which indicates the maximum angle is called

(A) Trace point

(B) Pitch point

(C) Ball point

(D) Pin point


63-Steel balls are manufactured by

(A) Casting

(B) Machining

(C) Cold heading

(D) Sintering


64-Slack period represents the difference between the

(A) earliest completion time and latest allowable time

(B) earliest completion time and normal expected time

(C) latest allowable time and earliest completion time

(D) latest allowable time and normal allowable time


65-The surface roughness value for drilling process is

(A) 0.4 to 3.2 microns

(B) 1.6 to 20 microns

(C) 0.063 to 5 microns

(D) 0.8 to 6.3 microns


66-Pinch effect in welding is result of

(A) Expansion of gases in arc

(B) Electromagnetic forces

(C) Electric forces

(D) Surface tension at molten metal



56-(B), 57-(A), 58-(C), 59-(C), 60-(A), 61-(D), 62-(B), 63-(C), 64-(A), 65-(D), 66-(B)