Mechanical Engineering Quiz Questions

Mechanical Engineering Quiz Questions

1-The following is an anti-friction bearing.

(A) Ball bearing

(B) Roller bearing

(C) Needle bearing

(D) All of the above


2-The efficiency of self-locking screw jack is always

(A) always 100%

(B) equal to 50%

(C) more than 50%

(D) less than 50%


3-Two parallel and co-planar shafts are connected by

(A) Double helical gears

(B) Spiral gears

(C) Bevel gears

(D) Spur gears


4-Which of the following is Trapezoidal thread?

(A) Metric

(B) Buttress

(C) Square



5-The degrees of freedom of a simple pendulum is

(A) 0

(B) 1

(C) 2

(D) 3


6-The door closer operated normally at

(A) No damping

(B) Critical damping

(C) Under damping

(D) Over damping


7-The Cam follower extensively used in air craft engine is

(A) Roller follower

(B) Spherical faced follower

(C) Flat faced follower

(D) Knife faced follower


8-The number of Instantaneous Centers in a 6 link mechanism are

(A) 5

(B) 10

(C) 15

(D) 30


9-The Poisson’s ratio for cast iron varies from

(A) 0.20 to 0.23

(B) 0.23 to 0.27

(C) 0.28 to 0.32

(D) 0.33 to 0.36


10-Maximum range of projectile motion in a plane land is possible for angle of inclination.

(A) 0°

(B) 30°

(C) 45°

(D) 60°


11-Reynolds number may be defined as the ratio of

(A) Gravity forces to inertial forces

(B) Internal forces to Viscous forces

(C) Elastic forces to pressure forces

(D) Viscous forces to internal forces


12-The concept of boundary layer is introduced by

(A) Nusselt

(B) Euler

(C) Reynold

(D) Prandtl


13-The process of converting ice directly to steam is called

(A) Critical evaporation

(B) Condensation

(C) Sublimation

(D) Equivalent evaporation


14-The entropy of universe tends to

(A) Becomes zero

(B) Remains constant

(C) Maximum value

(D) Attain a certain finite minimum value


15-The binding material for cemented carbide is

(A) Cobalt

(B) Nickel

(C) Chromium

(D) Iron


16-In cold working material gets stronger due to

(A) Dislocation multiplication

(B) Twin mechanism

(C) Slip system

(D) Wear mechanism


17-Discontinuous chips during machining forms when

(A) Work is ductile, speed is high

(B) Work is ductile, speed is low

(C) Work is brittle, speed is high

(D) Work is brittle, speed is low


18-Fastest method of producing gears is

(A) Extrusion

(B) Hobbing

(C) Rolling

(D) Shaping


19-Which of the following is used to hold cutter in milling machine?

(A) Fixture

(B) Arbor

(C) Tool Post

(D) Mandrel


20-Core in the centrifugal casting is made of

(A) Wax

(B) Wood

(C) Core sand

(D) No core is used



1-(D), 2-(D), 3-(D), 4-(D), 5-(B), 6-(D), 7-(A), 8-(C), 9-(B), 10-(C), 11-(B), 12-(D), 13-(C), 14-(C), 15-(A), 16-(A), 17-(D), 18-(B), 19-(B), 20-(D)